Thursday, April 07, 2011

Anatomy Of A Moron Who Actually Believes Progressive Crap

Found 'Errors' Means Prosser Win?

Imagine that, errors in Wisconsin ballot counting...

Gee, if this keeps happening people might start thinking that loser Stuart Smalley stole his election. Or maybe that LBJ stole an election or two.  Goodness gracious, people might stoop so low to think that JFK's daddy Joe stole an election.

Lauer, Vieira & Couric Out

Yeah, so?

Situation Normal: Boehner Is Doing What Is Right-Reid Not So Much At All

Hapless Harry. So gloomy. So disappointed in all of us because he and Madam Pelosi never got around to passing a budget last year. If only we had had the foresight to see Reid's planned government shutdown this year then last year poor Harry would've have done something to avoid it, but alas we, the voter, didn't help him save America by voting for Democrats.

It's all our fault.

Boehner is doing what he does which is not spending gads of our money and trying to save our money and rolling back critical legislation concerning drunken gay sex in Argentina. We're approaching an economic meltdown and Boehner has the audacity to think we shouldn't be spending money to study why drunks engage in unprotected sex. In another country.

Pundit and Pundette has a great roundup which I agree with including Pundette's feelings about Boehner.

Boehner vs. Obama

Granted, I am a fan of Boehner and I think Reid should be a deep fryer at McDonald's if they assign someone to watch over him constantly. There are a lot of conservatives and Tea Party members who I respect, but are already saying Boehner is a turncoat and a weepy boy for not having already fulfilled their political dreams. That, my friends, is stupid stuck in high gear, but hey, they've got every right to say it. We can agree on so many other things so why get waysided.

Boehner is herding cats and getting the job done. It will take time, but he will stay with it. Reid is also consistent, consistently wrong and consistently pedantic in his approach, but if Harry wants to drone for hours about this or that, which is really always about denying the voters their wish, then drone on Harry. We'll wait until you're finished and then ignore you and move the ball forward without you and your minion mimics in congress.

Harry Reid & Demos Will Shut Down Govt Because Of Ideology Not Negotiated Money Cuts

Hapless Harry just spoke that he is not happy and that the government will probably shutdown. In his most rousing monotone he said this would happen because of ideology as the numbers (money/cuts) were very close. In other words Harry is shutting down the government because he believes it will help Democrats (politics) and because he and Obama don't like Boehner's politics (again politics).

Harry and the Demos are still in denial over the last election.