Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Republicans Suggest Cost-Benefit Analysis for Every New State Regulation

This is very good, but shouldn't Republicans show fiscal restraint, especially before an election when they had a republican governor helping them spend like drunken liberals in Tijuana?

It coulda helped when it was needed most.

At election time.

When people vote.

They coulda voted absentee from to Tijuana.

This is from Right Angle which is a very good read.

James Laurinaitis

Wins the Bronko Nagurski Award.

he deserves it.

Butkus next.

Why Republicans lost in Ohio

At least she's not marrying Bob Taft.

State Rep. Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, announced
yesterday that he plans to marry Republican fundraiser Kim Kahlert next

They would like to have Gov.-elect Ted Strickland perform the ceremony,
if Ohio law permits it. Strickland, an ordained Methodist minister and Democrat,
takes office Jan. 8.

Redfern, 42, and Kahlert, 31, met at a political event in March in

"Kim just needs a little direction politically, and I'm providing it,"
joked Redfern, of Catawba Island in northern Ohio.

Franklin County elections records show Kahlert declared herself a
Republican in the May primary. But she said she may be more liberal than Redfern
in some of her views and considers herself an independent.

"As far as social issues, I'm as far on the left as I could possibly
be," she said.

Nanny Bloomberg doesn't like fat

In a city where eating out is a major form of activity _ either for fun or out
of hectic necessity _ many New Yorkers were all for the ban, saying that health
concerns were more important than fears of Big Brother supervising their

Personally, I wanted him to ban shorts with socks, but I think he likes them. Besides, after every screwing he gives the citizens of NYC he likes to have a smoke.

Jet makes emergency landing

I am not gonna think, let alone say another word.

Oh, what the hell. This stinks.