Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear President Clinton

Dear President Clinton,

I read with great interest the paean written about you today on the Politico 44 site. It's nice that you are so revered by so many, even our current President Obama who obviously adores you. You must be a real comfort to him, especially in these, his difficult times.

I do have question about your statement, "The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning." Is this a triangulation of your hopes, the truth and the media to get what you want? Man, it's great having your own hopes, truth and printing press!

It must be comforting that upwards of a million people protested the Democrat health care "reform" in Washington, DC and millions more around the nation are not only protesting, but are also driving the number of people supporting this unconstitutional power-grab by a liberal government lower and lower. Is that winning? If so, who moved the goal posts again?

You also stated, "The point I want to make is: Just pass the bill, even if it's not exactly what you want. When you try and fail, the other guys write history.”

Are the other guys the American public and if any bill is better than no bill, is that because whatever legislation passes, it can be changed in the middle of the night to get what Obama really wants, at a later date? Is this winning or just a cheap and sleazy way to undermine the will of the people? You do realize that the people do have a will and they're not nearly as stupid as you and Obama think they are, right? Being a moderate and all, I am sure you are aware of this, I think.

Anyway, great article, I trust you were able to get it written just the way you wanted it in one draft. Give my best to Hillary and whoever else you are seeing these days.

The people

P.S. I am sure you are much more aware of what the term "tea bagger" means than most people, especially conservatives, so maybe next time you use the term to describe a very large section of the population, you'll also give a definition when you use it. People always appreciate knowing what people, even presidents, think of them. It helps build confidence not only in themselves, but your cause.

Dublin, Ireland

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