Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paula Dean Has Diabetes And Leftists Celebrate

Just as they did with Dave Thomas the Left is doing their smug "I'm so intelligent" schtick  to belittle and condemn others to death. And they feel good about it.

Paula Dean, Southern Woman Should Die Because She Is White, Southern, Christian And Not Progressive

They're nuanced. They're full of compassion. They are laughing because Paula Dean didn't eat Tofu, crap vegetables and a diet that they proclaim she should have eaten.

They're liberals which is the same as saying they're not nuanced (Duh), full of compassion nor bright enough to lie enough to be believable.

They just want to say they told somebody so. Losers.

Life is life and God helps those who choose to help themselves.

Not so much for the for the smug know-it-all sad sacks who know nothing. As it should be.