Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Butt Is Killing Mother Earth

American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'

One square of sand paper will save us all.

I Love Keith Olbermann

He's the three stooges in one person. He is a walking poster child of polyester suits and hair. His glasses scream German techno-rock star, but with less talent.

He exaggerates. He pontificates with platitudes that only his guests can agree with. Of course, Olbermann is known to be rude, nasty, vindictive and threatening to those that disagree with him. Olbermann knows he is right because Olbermann doesn't believe anyone is smart enough to understand just how smart Olbermann is. That must be why he has been fired or bounced from every where.

Olbermann is a clown.

Instead of big floppy shoes and orange hair, Olbermann has super wide lapels, synthetic hair, and a face that is just shy of being a caricature. His smarmy, little researched and stupid comments that act as punctuation marks to a comedic career are brilliant.

No individual can be this simply stupid, thus he is funnin' us.

My favorite is that lately the ever inferiority complexed person known as Olbermann loves to make is that Limbaugh's rating are only up by 40% while Olbermann's is up by 62%. I guess adding millions of listeners as opposed to Olbermann's dozens of watchers is a point we should all go to sleep with.

Rachael, whatever her name is, that wipes up after Olbermann has signed off, is a breath of fresh air. She gives weight to a wispy wind that wafts through an empty room. Unfortunately, nobody listens. Except for me.

MSNBC is my comedy channel. I enjoy watching it. Olbermann is America's Benny Hill without the depth. Maybe a course or two at a local college might help his gravitas.

In the meantime, Keith, just be you. Your parody of yourself is wonderful.

Obama's CITI Bank Looking Bad & DOW Going Towards 6,000s

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself and Obama is supplying all the fear to us that he can muster. Either that or he's incapable of the job of being president which appears to be what is going on.

His actions so far are absolutely horrible.


And to make this horror even more comical, Rosie O'Donnel is on TV saying how grateful she is that Obama is President because he has brought hope and dignity back to the United States and that we are once again a new nation. She is an actress.

Meanwhile, the administration of "change" is saying that approximately 50,000 troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely. Good for them. The Iraqi stock market is soaring upwards.