Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011: Dear Republicans

Congress is about to start again. That can be very scary to individuals. This year it is especially scary because we have been promised restraint, spending cuts and less government before. Unfortunately Republicans took the Congressional road of addiction to more spending and bigger government.

It would be easy to say that they were attracted to buildings, roads, parks and port-a-potties to be named after them. It would be easy because they are attracted to such things. They are that base.

So, this is a Dear Republican plea. Stop the spending. Stop the growth of government. Stop the bribery earmarks. Stop your desire to take from us that which we do not desire to cede to you.

Be Republicans. It isn't that difficult. Just act like you went to the local barber shop and a simple clip just cost you $20. No wash. No nails. Just a clip.

See how pissed we are?

Do your job or we'll send you home in 2012. Then you'll have to pay for your own haircut because there aren't any free taxpayer clip joints outside Washington, DC.

Sorry guys. Being American can be really tough.