Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Legislation Without Representation

I own the World has a great post you should read and comment on and then pass along to other people concerning the circumvention of our Constitution.

‘We The People’ Need to Protect Our Constitution

'We the people' means nothing to Obama and his administration so it it time we the people take our government back.

LaGuardia 48 Hours After The Storm

LGA - AA Terminal 12/28/2010
 The storm hit and the preparations and recovery were bungled badly. We were lucky to be on a flight that wasn't cancelled and actually took off.

LaGuardia airport and others reopen, but stranded fliers still face ordeals

These are the same government officials that support Obama's takeover of our lives.

Preventing Publicly Posted Presidential Porn

National Nipples
Thank the Lord! Outside of a nation dying in its own debt there is nothing more worrisome than presidential nipples.

Obama: No shirtless pictures

No national nipples.


No Obosom! Nada Oboob.

Yank E. Doodle's 2011 Wish List

Yank is going to be busy helping old Cub Scouts out on the eve of the New Year so he stopped by for a nip of Flip (the  aqua vitae) bringing his good friend Increase Mather which was a real downer for the Doodle family. All in all it was a good time and many a good thought was bandied about the abode.

You must understand that Yank is a down to earth type with a sense that should be common to all, but unfortunately isn't. Where Increase tends to pontificate Yank speaks to the heart of the nation. He had some thoughts not often spoken in the town square or near the town crier.

Yank's thoughts on the direction of a nation intending to stay a nation:

1. Why do we put up with politicians that lie? Oh, they may classify such villainous behavior as "speaking truth to power", but let us be bold in saying they take power by spaking no truth. I say let them have Pillory! With rotten vegetables. Publicly.

2. Where in the history of nations does it say that diplomatically putting up with enemies that constantly threaten us is more appropriate than squashing them like bugs to better allow us to be more productive and happier in our lives?

3. Alex Hamilton is a smart bastard, but his banks and taxes will get out of hand. Trust me on this. They will. It's their nature. They say a pence when they mean a pound (see #1). Soon they'' tax our living and call it a good thing. Don't get me started on Benny Franklin and all of his "good works" crap. Taxes will deform a man's vision of work and will be the doom of us as men with no function will profit from the publik square for no benefit, but their own.

4. Tommy Jefferson has got to step up to the plate. No more mister nice guy. All those books (see #3) have him talking to Adams which means more guvment which means more King Charles and his mad court right here in our Confederation (see #1). I thought the idea was not to allow guvment to tell us what we can do, but for us to tell guvment what they can't do. Mark my words, we'll need the constitution to make a document or something. It's come to that!

5. Paddy Henry is barking up the right tree with his "Give me liberty or give me death" stuff. He told me just the other day that some people were saying that government owed them something (see #4). Huh? Where's the liberty in that? They're sounding like a bunch of sissified Frenchies waiting for a favor from Court.

Alas, Yank had to go back to work. Increase having never uttered a coherent thought nipped some Flip for the ride home. Back to work meself, it is.