Monday, December 04, 2006

Iran welcomes Chavez victory as win against US

'Nough said

Venezuela - Fair election?

Chavez Wins Re-Election by Wide Margin

Minutes after the results were announced, Chavez appeared on the balcony of
the presidential palace singing the national anthem. He pledged to
deepen his effort to transform Venezuela into a socialist society.

"Long live the socialist revolution! Destiny has been written," Chavez
shouted to thousands of flag-waving supporters wearing red shirts and braving a
pouring rain.

"That new era has begun," he said, raising a hand in the air. "We have
shown that Venezuela is red!... No one should fear socialism... Socialism is
human. Socialism is love," Chavez said. "Down with imperialism! We need a new

Since he first won office in 1998, Chavez has increasingly dominated
all branches of government and his allies now control congress, state offices
and the judiciary. He has called President Bush the devil, allied himself with
Iran and influenced elections across the region.

Chavez also has used Venezuela's oil wealth to his political advantage.
He has channeled oil profits toward multibillion-dollar programs for the poor
including subsidized food, free university education and cash benefits for
single mothers. He has also helped allies from Cuba to Bolivia with oil and

He now promises to solidify his social program.

Geez, kinda sounds like Nancy, Chucky and Charlie.