Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obama Keeps Just Missing Zack Space

"Congressman Space, President Obama wants to talk to you. Hello? Anybody there?"

It's one thing to duck your constituents on a daily basis, but how does he keep ducking Obama, his president and party leader. You'd think that Zack is embarrassed by Obama.

Nowhere to be seen was another Democrat from Ohio, Rep. Zack Space, who was dealing with a "personal family matter," according to his campaign. Not that it was likely to matter - Space skipped an appearance with Obama in nearby Columbus last month, choosing instead to drive around his district, campaigning on his own.

Driving around his district and campaigning on his own. Zack? Huh? Zack knows where Ohio is? I'm thinking Zack was driving around listening to Cheryl Crow at top volume allowing his self allotted one a day square to gently touch his cheek for every high note. You know, to wipe away the tear.