Thursday, August 13, 2009

If Slander, Name Calling & Lies Don't Work For Demo Town Hall Mtgs Just Use Censorship

I guess calling little old men "Nazis", little old ladies "evil mongers" and voters "KKK", "unAmerican", "racists, "terrorists", and (more to come, no doubt) hasn't made the difference in the government controlled health care debate that Democrats had hoped for. Nor has fake doctors. Nor has planting faux protesters with hateful signs. Alas, nor has lying and slandering Republican elected officials for their opposition. What to do, what to do?

Now the Democrats want to censor the news so the people can't see what is going on. Brilliant.

Like the reporter said, the next step in to stop meeting with constituents. Oh wait, that's already happening. Where in the world is Zach Space, Betty Sutton, Marcy Kaptur and others? Many are saying they will attend meetings with no dates or times or "stop" by a fair to "chat" with voters or there is the fudge factor where protesters are thrown out of constituent meetings. Of course, nobody really knows where Dennis "Moonbeam" Kucinich has or will be for years. It is reported that there are "Kilroy ain't been here" all over the 15th district. Tim Ryan? Nope, he whispers that it is too early for health care forums. Driehaus had one and he's still nursing the trauma. Probably from that smarmy intro given by everybody's worst nightmare teacher.

Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee, Che And Fake Doc Support ObamaCare

Via Gateway Pundit

The love and caring keeps pouring from Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-TX.

It appears while Sheila was on her cell phone a non-constituent Obama delegate plant was able to obtain a medical degree to give more gravitas to her vocal support of socialized medicine.

Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Jackson Lee forum

Best line is:
A word of advice to budding political operatives: when you need two plants, try to pick people smarter than actual plants.

Patterico's Pontification got the initial info and has much more. This is a good read.

The Love And Concern Of Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee

"I am honored to hear from constituents of the 18th Congressional District of Texas."

Yeah Honey, how you doing? Nothing, gotta a Nazi flapping her jaws at me. Least she ain't old wrinkly like most of'em. Yeah, health care again, same old, same old. So we meeting with those donors today or what. Yeah you tell'em MJ just loved me.

Yeah, giv'em a shout out for me. Tell'em I'm still working on the next hurrican getting named Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn or something like that.

Listen, gotta go. Bye Bye.