Tuesday, November 04, 2008

FOX Calls Ohio For Obama.

I don't believe it.

Exit Polls Go Huge For Obama

And if you believe them you are hugely dumb.

Of course, exit polls gave Kerry supporters all the proof they needed to go all troofer on the electoral system.

If Obama goes down expect "the election was stolen. Again!" crowd to grow their cottage industry into more than just a few "experts", comic books and Code Pink orgasmic calls for a coup d’├ętat.

Exit polls started as an issue tool to attempt to take the temperature of voters. Questions such as, "How important was the abortion issue in your vote?", became a 'poll' of who is winning an election.

Exit polls suck as a campaign tool or as a tool for the media. That they are ridiculously inaccurate will not stop some people from treating them as gospel.

Why This Election Makes No Sense To The Average Voter: Headlines

A sampling of headlines from Drudge show an electorate made up of people actually electing candidates, but hounded by a media completely out of control, special interest groups that do not have America's best interest at heart, politicians pandering and posturing for the next Congress, citizens expecting the second coming if not at least to be supported by the government and system bureaucrats that fooling with our electoral system to their own ends.

That we have a system that works may be truly the most amazing story of all. That we have a group of liberals, socialists and a government bureaucracy buying votes is not the main story, but it should be.

IN OBAMA WE TRUST: 'He Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage'...
Sen. Schumer discusses revival of 'Fairness Doctrine'...
Professor ousted after tearing down McCain yard signs...
Report clears Palin in 'Troopergate'...
Obama thanks 'gracious' press...
Ayers, Farrakhan Vote at Same Polling Location as Obama...
Free STARBUCKS Coffee On Election Day After 'Illegal Ad'...
Obama family in Kenya slaughters bulls, sheep, goats and chickens at 'victory party'...
Chavez offers talks with 'black man' in W.House...
Can Obama win popular vote but lose election?
Networks may call race before some states close...

Kenya Votes For Obama Before Dixville Notch

Obama family in Kenya slaughters bulls, sheep, goats and chickens at 'victory party'...

There's only thing to take to a Kenyan election victory feast: a goat. Preferably still breathing - “a sign of freshness“ - and with big testicles, apparently the sign of quality breeding.

And so it was that I found myself bouncing along a dirt track towards the ancestral home of the Obamas in a saloon car with the sound of John the goat bleating miserably from the boot.

It's not known whether Cupcake Couric and Brian 'eyebrows' Williams in New York were able to report on anything else in between ritualistic dancing and testicle weighing and measuring. Dead chickens and a crock of bull were seen piled in a conference room where reporters stated they were just reporting on the will of the godspeople.

Out of State College Students Overheard At An Ohio Voting Poll

All over Ohio college students are voting for president, federal offices, state issues and making local decisions. Democrats love this because they believe these students will tip the state to Obama. These same people will argue it is the student's right and that their vote is the same as it would be in the state in which they should legally vote in, thus no big deal.

Students voting outside the precinct they call home, where their home is, is wrong. Our will concerning local issues and elections of local officials will be thwarted.

This morning, standing in a line long enough to be normally seen after work, I had the pleasure of over hearing 3 students from the local university talking about the election.

They obviously came from prosperous families. Two of them didn't have a clue. They also came from eastern states and thought Ohio a state of the second class.

The third student was obviously was an activist and was instructing the other two how to vote. On one statewide issue, he wasn't sure of the number, he was telling the other two that the issue wasn't about private property (that's a "b*llsh*t argument), it was about the environment and they vote against "some *ssh*le" who thinks he "owns our water".

The conversation went on and on as we waited to vote. People in line, other than me started getting upset, not only about the language being used (we were in a church), but also at the coercion and ignorance being used to produce a desired result.

One student then went on to say that they weren't sure about his situation and would decide once she got in the voting booth. The more active of the three pointed out that "they" would know because, "think about it", students make up more than 30% of the people voting here and "they'll know".

Upon signing in, all three produced a letter on university letterhead stating who they were and their right to vote and one-by-one all three produced out of state identification.

Soon, they'll go home for Thanksgiving Holiday, leaving us with their votes. In a year or so they will leave our state, never to return, and will hope their children will, unlike them, get into a "good" school.

Back east.

My Prediction

McCain or Obama?

My gut tells me McCain, but is that hope or based on facts? After 30 years in politics, I don't know this year.

I do have some predictions though.

If McCain wins, Dems will whine;

The election was stolen
America is racist
"I'm moving to Canada (poor Canada)
Diebold fixed it
Rove was really working for McCain
[enter state] officials told me that blacks were prevented from voting
The exit polls prove that the election was stolen
Red America, flyover country, is too dumb to be allowed the vote
Republican bastards gave away free teeth for every McCain vote
Hispanics were told the wrong [enter day, place or time] to vote