Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Iraq: Civil War

Okay, Matt Lauer and other media scholars have made the call for their own reasons that Iraq is officially doomed by civil war. Thus, they just must ask the question about how fast does the United States get out.

They have their own agenda.

They are either morons or against a free and democratic Iraq. Which is worse?

Sunni, Shia, Kurd and the Iraqi government. These players have agendas of their own and those agendas do not seem to even agree about what they are fighting about.

Could Iraq be the first civil war ever without battles, generals, explicit war
aims, the use of partisan public rhetoric by civilian leaders, mass public
participation and targets of a predominantly military nature? Even if Iraq today
possessed these characteristics, it would still lack something even more
important: the struggle for authority.

The Kurds are looking on not wanting any part. The Shias, Shites and the Iraqi government do agree on the issue of not screwing with the Kurds. Thank God for their innate sense of surviving humiliation that Hamas, Hezballah and their buddies lack. The Kurds could form their own government and country if they choose to, even against President Bush and Turkey. Probably Iran too.

The Sunnis, both secular Baathists and the zealot Wahhabists, have created much of the murder and hatred as they have since their born in hell alliance wedded them. They take and hold no ground. They make no organized, let alone eloquent, plea for national unity nor present consistent reason for their effort. They are thugs. They are not a force that would drive the nation to their side mentally, loyally and politically. They are terrorists.

They Shias are a fractured group within which the two sides have different goals. Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers and their allies formed against Hussein while he still sat in power. The "redheaded" step child of this union are the Badr group and allies and they are sock puppets for Iran where many trained and who they have allegiance to. Sadr is nationalistic and Badr is pan-Iranian. Together, they couldn't organize a decent (dysfunctional) family picnic let alone a national government.

The Iraqi national Government is neither. It is fully infiltrated by both Sunni and Shia and at different levels of government affairs they undermine the dream of national unity.

Iran is the puppet master in Iraq. Iran is playing all ends against the middle for their own gain. It is bad enough that Iran has a free Afghanistan to the east, they cannot afford a free and independent Iraq to the west. This is an affront to Iran as a power and a threat to their goal of Iran becoming the regional leader to destroy Israel. If they can achieve this destruction, Iran believes the rest of the world is do-able.

Iran, with the help of Hamas, Hezballah and other middle eastern countries and groups, is working hard to take the United States out of the game so as not to be flanked east and west. Russia is encouraging Iran as China encourages North Korea to act up for their own goals. Russia wants a unstable world of non-American power and China, at the very least, wants Taiwan. That there would be a middle east of theocracies robbing individuals, groups and governments of their freedom and their lives for not sharing a theocratic vision is of no concern of theirs, but each urges Iran on for their own goals.

There is no civil war in Iraq, just time honored thievery, thuggery and murder with each noun having its own goal. It is time for those that wish to see freedom fail in Iraq to state what their real goals are.

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