Friday, May 02, 2008

David Does Dairy Queen

and Taco Bell, McDonalds and my personal favorite, Rubino's Pizza.

Democrat War Mongers

via Tony Phyrillas

Can't totally blame LBJ for Vietnam. The first messiah (before Obama), JFK had a heavy hand in starting the Vietnam War. Just ask the Diem brothers. Of course you'll have to dig up their assassinated butts, but even those pesky peace makers make some mistakes. Just don't ask a Democrat about this because in their opinion George W. Bush actually started the Vietnam War, caused cancer and made your juice spill this very morning..

Friday Cottage

Friday FUGLY

Denison University, Cleveland Hall modern glass birdcage addition super structure

Friday Scary

Hillary at the Watergate hearings

At Least A Stake Will Get Rid Of A Vampire, Not So Dann

Marc Dann wants to bring respect back to the State Attorney General's office and staff. To do so he is auditing this, studying that, forming committees, starting groups, quoting John Wayne, groveling, stuttering and promising to keep his zipper up.

He's heartbroken, ashamed, he's wearing a size 14 Achilles heel, he admits that what he has had to do is very-very-very-very difficult, his admission is punishment enough, he's embarrassed, he's red-faced, he's accepting responsibility for his actions by firing others, but he's gonna work real hard to change our opinion of him and his office.

Marc Dann, believe in what your messiah says and embrace "real change" if you want to bring respect back to your office.

Quit, you lying sleazy cheat.