Monday, January 21, 2008

Fred Thompson Is Too Liberal?

I read about this over on Tony Phyrillas' blog. It is a site that matches you to candidates based on the issues not based on your party affiliation. It's fun and the results are interesting because you can go issue by issue and find out where you differ from each candidate. My results show that even Fred Dalton Thompson is too liberal for me. Kucinich is literally from another planet, but who didn't know that.

According to Vote Help these are my results:

1. Fred Thompson 96.30% match on issues.
2. Mitt Romney 93.31% match on issues.
3. Mike Huckabee 91.84% match on issues.
4. Rudy Giuliani 91.06% match on issues.
5. John McCain 86.96% match on issues.
6. Ron Paul7 9.05% match on issues.
7. Barack Obama 59.07% match on issues.
8. Hillary Clinton 55.78% match on issues.
9. John Edwards 53.69% match on issues.
10. Dennis Kucinich 42.27% match on issues.

This Was Never The Real America

Negroes only day at the zoo so that whites wouldn't have to be near them as equals.