Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Asks The NRSC, "Do You Love Me?"

They told her she couldn't dance. I hope Cornyn and the boys have boned up on their Mashed Potato and the Twist.

Liberal Progressive Bloomberg Wants To Ban Smoking In All Of NYC

NYC to try banning smoking in parks and beaches

Bloomberg (Smug Party-Mayor NYC) is on a roll. Salt, fat, smoke and whatever else his smugness wants to protect us from, he justs limits or bans. He ought to cut to the chase and pick Soros as a running mate and roll Obama and Bite Me who obviously aren't progressive enough for Mayor Short.

Justice Dept Priorities: Black Panthers Purr, Deer Hunters A Burr To Justice In America

"Book'em Danno!"

OMG! Holder must have Jack Lord directing the Swat Teams in this take down of a massive criminal conspiracy. With Justice's Yahweh Five-O on the case, these rubes never had a chance.

Feds target 60 hunters in Kansas hunting probe

If convicted and given maximum sentences, they could face lengthy prison terms. Jim Cross, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas, said in an e-mail that it was the biggest case of its kind prosecuted in the state.

This is huge. PETA will weep. The deer will vanish!

“The state of Kansas has paid out over $100,000 to independent contractors to thin the Kansas deer herd for management purposes,” Kerns said in an e-mail. “And now our tax money is being spent making federal cases out of alleged rednecks who supposedly harvest an extra deer.”

Bring in the FBI because they took dead deer across state lines.

The Butlers are charged with conspiring to violate the Lacey Act, a federal law that prohibits the interstate transport of any wildlife taken in violation of state regulations. The indictment alleges they violated the act by purchasing and selling white-tailed deer and mule deer.

It is so fortunate for the health of this nation that there were no black-tailed and donkey deer because that would show a racist fear of liberal policies which may have resulted in prosecutions under not just the Lacey Act, but sweeping indictments under the Mann Act. Holder and his J-Men never sleep as they lock up the bad guys and savagely beat thuggery back. Man, I wish I coulda been a Junior J-Man just to take on this conspiracy of crooks who thought they could break the civil law. HA!

Personally, I now know why I slept so soundly last night. As I drifted off to slumber, images of the forces of right slaughtering the evils of might allowed me a quick moment of self righteous smugness making my dreams of Black Panthers helping little old ladies vote so much sweeter.

The next Bambi that eats my garden is going to get poached.