Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AG Spitzer Got Insider Info?


Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been soliciting high-priced hookers for at least six years and possibly for more than a decade, sources tell The Post.

The revelation yesterday that the crusading governor was in fact "Client 9" named in a federal prostitution indictment did not shock insiders in the city's sex industry.

Sources tell The Post that Spitzer had frequented high-priced hookers as far back as 2002 and possibly earlier.

Spitzer, who as attorney general lead investigations into prostitution, was among an elite group of powerbrokers and high-powered attorneys that regularly paid for dates at top escort agencies, sources said.

Now we know why the Spitzer pursued those investigations so hard. Talk about a hands-on investigation.

Hillary As A Cold & Bossy Feminist?

Mz Greer, your point is?

Darwin Didn't Make The Little Fiddies

I love the annual Darwin Awards. They prove that man is much too stupid to have arrived here on his own.

Into the Abyss

An enterprising lumberman jacked up the rear end of his pickup, and swapped one of the rear tires with a tire rim. He attached one end of a rope to the rim, and the other end to a large felled tree. He put the pickup into gear, apparently expecting the rim to act as a makeshift rope crank that would pull the tree up the steep embankment, saving him lots of sweat.

A great idea? Not if you're reading it here! You see, the tree vastly outweighed the truck. The man was standing with one foot on the ground and the other foot on the accelerator. When he gunned the engine, the tree acted like an anchor, and the truck yanked itself backwards. The open door rammed into him, and he was swept over the embankment along with the pickup.

When the dust settled, our lumberman had entered the great beyond. But his escapade served as a warning for others. The next lumberman cut up the tree where it lay, and carried it off.

Via PA Pundit at 7.62 Justice.

Messianic Messiah Marxist Mess

COB discusses Che cult status for Obama.

The Messiah’s Message is Dangerous

COB and his commenters make some excellent points. Being positive, at least Obama doesn't put a cocked pistol to the heads of "nonbelievers." Yet.