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Democrats In MA Screw Their Base, But This Time They Do It Openly

It's about time that the unions start to feel how other Massachusetts voters feel after being totally screwed by state Democrats. It's ironic that things are so bad in Taxachusetts that even Democrats realized they had to cut some dead wood away from the ship of state before it sank under the freebies, handouts and outright bribes that have been needed to oil the liberal Boston Machine.

Measure would curb bargaining on health care

We'll see if the state senate has enough good sense to see this through. I hope Massachusetts doesn't have to call union thugs home from Wisconsin and Ohio to badger, intimidate and threaten legislators in their home state of Taxachusetts.

Gallup/USA Poll: Seniors Prefer Ryan Over Obama

Gallup/USA polling likes to use little tricks such as weighting its polls with unusually high numbers of Democrats and they just released a poll that is going to cause some serious heartburn in the hallowed halls on power in DC.

Seniors like the Ryan/GOP plan for health care reform better than they like the Obama/Dem/Poliburo plan.

Gallup: Seniors Most Favorable To Ryan Budget

Somebody is going under the bus for this one.

Obama Was Altered At Birth

Can this be true? Really? We finally get to see the "real" thing and then find out it has been altered. Why? Actually, why wasn't it altered by someone with more skill than the boobs that altered the crap about Bush that Dan Rather foisted as fake, but accurate.

Did the alterations change important information or is this another layer to Obama's attempt to make anyone who opposes him look nuts? He could've stopped all this in 2008 by giving the proof, but he didn't and hasn't because he was trying to never let a crisis go to waste. He's even tried to turn this into a racist thing even though McCain had to prove the same thing as did Chester Arthur and Andrew Jackson, but why let facts get in the way of a good meme.

This should really quiet things down. Ready for Gradegate?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Enemies: EPA As Obama's Hitperson

Energy in America: EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans

Shell Oil Company has announced it must scrap efforts to drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Ocean off the northern coast of Alaska. The decision comes following a ruling by the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board to withhold critical air permits. The move has angered some in Congress and triggered a flurry of legislation aimed at stripping the EPA of its oil drilling oversight.

It doesn't matter to Obama if gas is $5 a gallon, in fact he wants the cost of gas and all other energy sources to go as high as possible.

UPDATE: Yid With Lid has more:
Obama Continues War Against Oil. EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Drilling Plans in Alaska

Lightning Hits White House

The lightning, the darkness and blurry image combine for a perfect description of what the White House is going through, thus us.

This is a nice boy. This is a good boy. This is a mother's angel. And I want the world to know once and for all, and without any shame, that we love him. I'm going to teach you. I'm going to show you how to walk, how to speak, how to move, how to think. Together, you and I are going to make the greatest single contribution to science since the creation of fire.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Polls And Reporting Be Damned. America Is Feeling The Financial Heat Of Failure.

Everybody has a poll. Most polls are biased. At best they are simply a snapshot of the moment if they are done correctly. Reporters like pollsters let their bias seep into their stories and like polls their stories are at best snapshots of that point in time. In the end the polls and the reports are merely bias put to print.

Any lawmaker in a swing district can expect to take criticism from his right flank at a town hall meeting. But at an American Veterans outpost tucked deep in the Pocono Mountains this week, freshman Republican Rep. Lou Barletta took heat from every direction — from Democrats angry with the tax cuts in the GOP budget, to conservatives who thought he caved on the last continuing resolution vote, to a precocious 16-year-old critical of the lawmaker’s environmental record.
First Barletta was told “not to be steadfast in Paul Ryan’s Republican plan,” to “bend a little, work and come together to pass something that’s agreeable to everybody.” Moments later, another constituent told him, “I don’t want you to bend; I want you to stand firm” on spending, even if that means a national debt default.
Jimmy Carter allowed America to taste failure and he paid the price of defeat at the polls. Obama is facing the same problem and the problem for Obama is that the problems of his administration's doing are getting worse. People do not feel positive about their children's future and they even believe their immediate future is bleak.

Voters are giving congressmen hell. The left wants to protect their handouts. The right wants to cut. The left believes that government has a duty to give, not just protect, but give. The right doesn't believe in this.

It all doesn't mean anything because the left will lose their handouts and the right will see programs they like cut to the bone. These things may happen soon, which is doubtful, or they will happen after the next election, but they have to happen. We, as a nation, have spent ourselves into poverty which is a longer way of spelling debt.

Voters across the middle are getting incredibly angry over those things not in their control while the left is getting angry because Obama hasn't gone all the way to a government that does all and those on the right will say, "I told you so" because Obama is an abject failure as president.

Polls and news reporting cannot capture the reality because most have no desire to do so.

The Hypocrisy Of Obama Part 3,678,879,013

via Cato

You Look Mahvelous

“Bijan Pakzad, an extravagant fashion designer and boutique owner who happily and unabashedly made wealthy men look rich, feel rich and smell rich,” has died, reports the Washington Post. Mr. Pakzad explained that he catered to customers who “normally aren’t concerned about inflation.”
His slogan — “the costliest men’s wear in the world” — helped his opulent clothing store become known as the West Coast’s one-stop Savile Row.
While drinking champagne presented by white-gloved butlers, customers could shop for $2,500 silk pajamas, $1,500 cologne, a $24,000 mink-lined topcoat, a $19,000 ostrich vest, $55,000 crocodile luggage or even a $120,000 Mongolian chinchilla bedspread lined with silk.
Who could afford such clothes? Warren Buffett and Bill Gates? Yes, but they don’t look like they spend so much money on clothes. The Post names a few customers:
From the moment in 1976 when Mr. Pakzad first opened Bijan, his Rodeo Drive emporium, three words bedecked the entrance: “By appointment only.”
The locked-door policy made clear that Mr. Pakzad exclusively catered to men who had money, power or fame — and usually all three. His clients included President Obama, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Stevie Wonder, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan.
Wait, President Obama? That’s not the same Barack Obama who told college graduates not to “take your diploma, walk off this stage, and chase only after the big house and the nice suits and all the other things that our money culture says you should buy,” is it?
This actually pales in comparison to Obama's trainer being flown in once a week, the jetting off to endless vacations and a lifestyle of the rich and famous. The most successful despots have lived in posh elegance while their subjects lived in poverty They too probably wore one of Mr. Pakzad's suits.. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

The Adoration of the Holy Trinity by All the Saints, from the All Saint's altarpiece by Albrecht Dürer, 1511.

LibProg Teacher's Unions & Government Teach Earth Day Hate

Profit is bad thus business itself is bad thus business owners are bad. Oh, actually we are are bad. To Mother Earth. Plus we're really mean to disagree with their crap.

This is propaganda to indoctrinate little children and it and all those that made it an acceptable tool to use in public schools should be fired and never be allowed within 500 yards of a child ever again.

Things That Should Surprise You

Friday, April 22, 2011

OH NO! Not Another Democrat Convicted Of Voter Fraud! OH NOES!

Voter fraud doesn't exist. Right?

NAACP official convicted of voter fraud

Remember, vote Democrat because they are the black man's friend because they brought them civil rights  and balanced our budget and had a surplus.

No wonder their symbol is an ass.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama 2012 - Cope And Strange

Obamatrons are already pumping out slogans such as "Together we thrive", but I don't think they're going to buy much. This time voters know who Obama is or, more importantly, who Obama isn't so instead of slogans, social media and such, Obama's handlers should follow the successful Democrat tradition. Buy votes. They seem to be on this path as they tout a billion dollar campaign budget for Obama's reelection.

Another tactic might be honesty. Yes, I am aware this is a little used device in campaigning, but the shock value might be enough to get him reelected by an electorate that has been obviously willing to try anything like, say, an unknown community organizer with questionable academic credentials, degrees and background.

The whole Hope and Change thing hasn't exactly worked out, but we, as nonpartisans, should all lend a hand to our president in his quest help all of us to maintain a mantle of low expectations as an odd reason to keep him around. For my part I say spend more, a lot more, than a billion dollars and find a catchier campaign slogan like "Cope and Strange."

Clyde Barrow To Dump Bonnie For New Crime Spree?

Yeah, I know. Rearranging Titanic's deck chairs. Custer changing his hairdo.

There has been some scuttlebutt that Obama may replace Biden on the ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I will admit that Jabberin' Joe Biden has some similarities to Buck Barrow.

Is Wisconsin's Kloppenburg Saying Minnesota's Dead Union Votes For Al Franken Went To Prosser?

Ann Althouse is having fun with the "recount" in Wisconsin and with JoAnne Kloppenburg's accusations of Republican wrongdoing by correcting a mistake and reporting the actual vote. According to Kloppenburg, this is just not acceptable in Wisconsin. And she has a long list to make it so.

Her list of things that "raise significant questions" about the process in
Waukesha felt long, but what is really on it?
a one-and-a-half day delay in notifying any responsible party about
a county vote total that [the clerk] knew was incorrect

the absence of any reasonable basis for her explanations

the prior knowledge by conservative bloggers

the complete absence of knowledge by the canvass
board until the press conference
It sounded like big list, but there are only 4 items. And 2 of the items are the absence of
anything. An absence of evidence might be probative of something that
matters, but you have to build a foundation for why it matters.

It's sad when one has their own device used against them, especially when it appears they are unable to see the irony. The question is not whether there are fraudulent votes that were cast in Wisconsin, there most probably were some, but who those votes were for.

I'd blame Bush, but that has gotten old even for those on the far left so I'm going with funny boy Franken as the guy to blame because if there weren't enough fraudulent votes for Kloppenburg it's because Franken and Friends (Inc.) weren't paying enough. Dead voters today just don't understand.

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No, Chivalry Is Not Dead

I beg to disagree with the writer who calls the death of chivalry  the clarion call announcing the death of society. If society is dying a terminal death it is not due to a lack of civility and chivalry. It is because a small, but loud and obnoxious crowd is saying things that are not true and are doing so in a rude manner that would be called by better folk lying if they were less polite.

Yes, I speak of my family which is polite and whose daily actions are based on the code of chivalry and I also speak of the actions of a wide swath of people that I see in my travels. The lady who is struggling who welcomes the help of a stranger. The Muslim who helped others in the wake of 9/11 and received in return support because they deserved it. The person who risked their life to save another from a burning car. The young man who kept the smile on his face as a woman strolled through an opened door without so much as a smile let alone a thank you. The woman who kept her tongue as a political elite questioned her femininity because she dared to disagree.

There has always been and always will be those that deny the society who has given them much and has allowed them to become who they are, but, in the end, the arbiters of bad manners, bad taste and bad society will not win. They may not know this because society is too polite to point out just how tragically wrong they are, but to them the game is never really over. If it were what would they have to do with their lives?

Democrats Vote Own Death Panel On Health Care Funding

It’s an odd thing when the condemned themselves cry “dead man walking”.

McCaskill had said earlier in the day that she would vote against any effort to cut off money for the law.

"I voted for the bill and I think there are real cost savings in the bill."


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lewis Hine: Forgotten Genius

Power house mechanic working on steam pump

In 1936, Hine was selected as the photographer for the National Research Project of the Works Projects Administration, but his work there was never completed.
The last years of his life were filled with professional struggles due to loss of government and corporate patronage. Few people were interested in his work, past or present, and Hine lost his house and applied for welfare. He died at age 66 on November 3, 1940 at Dobbs Ferry Hospital in Dobbs Ferry, New York, after an operation.[7]
After Lewis Hine's death his son Corydon donated his prints and negatives to the Photo League, which was dismantled in 1951. The Museum of Modern Artwas offered his pictures but did not accept them; but the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York did.

Pelosi Fades

Some saw her as historic. Others saw her a 100 pound bull in a china shop with spiked heels and not as nearly as nice. All knew, for good or bad, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Nancy Pelosi fades as power player

But her hands would have been idle if she had stayed in Washington: The White House didn’t want her involved in the talks.

Payback is never fun so it is best when one remembers there will be a tomorrow when people look back to how they were treated. 

There are a lot of people remembering.

AP poll shows 6 in 10 Americans want spending cuts, not tax hikes

Among the public, 62 percent say they favor cutting government services to sop up the red ink. Just 29 percent say raise taxes.

If AP polling is reporting "6 in 10" I would think the actual number is 8 in 10 Americans want spending cuts, not tax hikes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elections: Which Is It Madam Pelosi?

After the 2006 election when Democrats won control of Congress:
Pelosi: “The American people have spoken.”

During the 4 day "Nancy Fest", Pelosi's self designed celebration of her being elected to the Speaker of the House position, Pelosi stated to the ladies at a tea party:
Pelosi: "All right, let's hear it for the power."

Stated during a 2011 speech at Tufts University:
Pelosi: "But the fact is that elections shouldn't matter as much as they do...But when it comes to a place where there doesn't seem to be shared values then that can be problematic for the country, as I think you can see right now."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Democrats Throwing Obama Under His Bus

As they have done concerning public (government) unions Democrats are beginning to turn on Obama and his administration on ObamaCare.

I wonder how much Obama will like the taste of axle grease and rubber.

Hamas Palestinian Authority Is Ready For Statehood

The Palestinian Authority is ready to run an independent state but will struggle to make further institutional progress due to the restrictions of the Israeli occupation, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

What Reuters' Mohammed Assadi means is that the Hamas is ready to institutionalize murder and terror, but those damned Joos might not let them be as successful as they could be as a centralized Thugs-R-Us.

Of course, here in the US we would call that a government union run blue state.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Constitutionally Challenged 9th Circuit Misses It Again. This Time On Illegal Immigration.

The 9th has a history of rewriting and the rereading the constitution to eek out a ruling that they like, especially with immigration. They're at it again. Now that they are aligned with Eric Holder and that isn't pretty.

Court won't lift stay on Arizona immigration law

Obama's boy Holder can't do his job, but he has a special dysfunction with the immigration issue as in, he wants illegal immigrants in the US and he wants to make the criminals legal citizens. It is a political decision on his part as it is with Obama and the Democratic Party. It's all about votes. They are using illegals the way LBJ and the party used blacks in the 70s in a cynical ploy to maintain power.

The 9th is part of that ploy. It's a clown court.


How many parks do we need and where do we need them? How much government owned land do we need and where is it needed? Yellowstone ain't moving soon. The Grand Canyon is pretty much staying put. Death Valley, still being dead, isn't moving either. Our biggest national park, called Alaska, is way up north and appears to be set in its ways. The wee one, Acadia National Park in Maine, is serenely resting where it is and has no plans to abandon the Atlantic Ocean.

Obama wants to buy more land for parks. Why? Because Americans "can go days without stepping on a single blade of grass."

The government(s) already own about 1/3 of the land in the United States of America, but they want more. I feel like the spouse that takes a second job to support my significant other's shopping necessities. But first where is Obama going to buy that land and with what? Well, last first, he's going to buy it with our money, but he's doing it for the children. First last, he’s going to buy it where it isn’t needed which means there is another reason to buy all this land and conservation isn’t part of the equation except in the talking points.

I am assuming, which is dangerous with Obama, that his pitch about the elusive blades of grass is pathos for all, but especially about the children. Where are these children whose feet will never touch a blade of grass? Idaho? Ohio? Iowa? Nope, they’re in big cities, specifically the inner city and where, outside of Detroit, is Obama going to find land to fill with so many blades of grass? Put that aside for a moment and ask how the children are going to get to these blades of citified grass luring them to a caressing care for the urban soul? It won’t be by bicycle. It will have to be by some mode of transportation that requires more roads, more unisex bathrooms, more facilities for the disabled, more security, more food stands, more parking lots and all the other things that government likes which starts to point out that each park better be huge if they want to include those elusive blades of grass. We already know we don’t have the money to purchase said nature (HA, who cares? It’s for the children and the good of the nation to have idle land.), but is Obama aware that there aren’t huge swaths of land available where his needed parks would actually do what he wants them to do?

Oh, let’s cut the crap here. Obama and his Democrat compatriots don’t give a whit about blades of grass nor more parks nor the people that go for days without stepping on either. They want government to control more land and I’ll betcha the land they buy will be sitting on top of something farmable like oil, gas, metals and other useful products that could raise the GNP. 

BTW, that grassy goodness won’t be anywhere near people that haven’t touched it for days.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Indication That Obama Has No Idea Of The Consequences Of His Actions

Obama hasn't a clue of what his actions and policies would do. He has had, in many cases, not a clue of the ramifications of his deeds. From budgetary, to diplomatic and policy Obama has appeared to have a "huh" moment at the consequence and the reaction to what he has said, done and directed. No reasons to have faith in him.

Now we see that from the get-go of his bid to be president he apparently had no inclination of the realities of obtaining the office nor what would occur if he did become president.

"I just miss - I miss being anonymous," he said at the meeting in the White House. "I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. I can't take a walk."

One must ask how deep is Obama's  naivety. How shallow is his grasp on life, the world and his chosen field?

I truly hope Obama will not collude with Jimmah Carter to hold a White House charity car wash for the workers of the world under the north portico nor start squeezing melons all about the District of Columbia.

I would humbly suggest cold showers and long walks about the grounds.

Dumbest Quote Of The Week

In a week of some incredibly stupid statements by Democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists, Hapless Harry Reid wins with this outright lie.

"Republicans want to shut down the government because they think there's nothing more important than keeping women from getting cancer screenings. This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged," Reid said on the Senate floor.

The man and his lack of intellect is indefensible and we are outraged. By him. He is a liar. His lack of ethics, honesty and ability to work with other makes him unworthy of the office.

SEIU (SEU) Protest Theatrics Just Looking Old & Foolish (Now In WA)

It must feel fun for the old folks to get all passionate stressed out while acting out in their youthful hearts to maintain a culture of coercion over the taxpayer.

Ann Althouse has some thoughts on these mobsters as does Instapundit.

Instead of SEIU maybe some truth in advertising might demand a new name such as the Self-Entitlement Union (SEU), but then truth would get in the way of acting childishly.

Video via Gateway Pundit who also has some thoughts on democracy thuggery.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Obama, After Taking Credit For The Republican Budget, Shows What He Thinks Of Boehner

Yeah, yeah, Reid tries to spin Boehner's victory as his (I love it when liberals whine) and Obama goes to the Lincoln Memorial to talk trash about congress working with him for America and saying the cuts, which he did his "Nope Zero" compromise, were all about him.

What were Obama's real thoughts?

There has been a sea change in Washington, DC and Boehner made it through the shoals to keep that sea change going in the right direction.

Bam Bam is not happy that weakened Reid and Pelosi are no longer able to carry his water. He should be because he is unable to do so. He is that weak.

More cuts coming.

An Architectural Crime Against Nature

"Bunker" cottage in the woods. An award winner.

All that's missing are the blast doors.
Another award winner from the 1940s.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Jim Moran Is An Idiot And So Are The Voters Who Elected Him

I used to live and work in what is now Jim Moran's congressional district. The stories of when he was mayor made me think no district would be stupid enough to reelect him to any office. I was wrong.

via Protein Wisdom

Jim Moran's greatest hits as a moron.

Harry Reid Just Announced He Will Shut Down The Govt Over Abortion

Reid and the usual posse of Democrat lackeys just held a press conference in Washington, DC.

After Saying Boehner has to choose between solving our economic problems or abortion Reid went on to list a litany of end of the world descriptions of what would happen if the government shuts down. My favorite was that Reid is so worried about saving the Cherry Blossom Festival! Maybe he can join the festival with cowboy poetry.

Reid then says the Democrats are being reasonable because they want to save the lives of women and maintain their health, but Democrats can't get Republicans to see the light. Reid then went on to lie about federal money, Planned Parenthood and tax dollars being used for abortion.

Reid didn't mention that he personally failed to pass a budget last year when Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the White House. Reid is a liar. 

The Orchestrated Outrage Of Democrats And Budget Cuts (With An Update About Louise Slaughter Stating Nazi Republicans Want To Kill Women!)

Let’s look at the Democrat trash talk about Republicans, the pre-planned Democrat shut down of government and budget cuts.

Democrats are saying they can’t find or allow $100 Billion in cuts to the trillion plus spending of the federal government. They are f-ing morons if they think anybody sane is going to believe that. In reality they know they are full of it so they trash talk to try to deflect the discussion into conversations they like; women, racism and the poor poor pitiful poor who might not have the money for new flat screens and cars deemed prestigious enough to drive to the mailbox to pick up their government dole.

Madamned Pelosi has angrily stated that the Republican cuts are a war on women because of cuts to Planned Parenthood which isn’t really about parenthood unless they want to nurture their dead babies.

Jesse Hustler Jackson upped the ante by comparing the Republican cuts to the Civil War which was his way of bringing in mayhem, death and racism. This from a guy who has made millions by hustling racism for profit.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Jesse Jackson under study, is saying that Republican cuts are the same as bombing innocent civilians. Did this dimwit really say that? Really? I knew she was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but this puts her in the dumber than a box of rocks category. She probably thinks carpet bombing is a rug cleaning technique.

Mother Jones, still dead and still ugly, in hopes of retaining the soccer mom vote, which they despise, but stranger bedfellows can be found at Mother’s house, says Republican cuts will harm the middle class which probably includes everything Mother hates like apple pie.

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah testified before the House Appropriations State and Foreign Ops subcommittee that the mean old Republicans are planning to kill 70,000 children with their budget cuts. Presumably the 70,000 will be female and minority children.

The always entertaining Jan Schakowsky, a fun fasting member of congress, goes for the group approach of Republican caused societal bankruptcy saying the cuts would hit students, the poor, pregnant women, the disabled, and older Americans hardest.

Jim Moran, Virginia’s missing village idiot speaking for the ghost of Al Gore, says that Republican cuts will gut Mother Earth and that the EPA will be hit hardest. No doubt the kind gentleman had given Gaia a snuggle to sooth her weeping breast.

The list of orchestrated outrage and foolishness goes on and on. You can add to the list if you wish, but these people are idiots for ruining our economy and for wasting our time. 

UPDATE: from Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) said today that the new Republicans elected to the House of Representatives last November came to Congress “to kill women.” She also likened Republican efforts to prohibit federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is endangered to actions taken by Nazis.

How could I forget the Princess of Smug Self Righteousness? Thanks for reminding me Gateway

Trashing Boehner's Yard: At What Point Will Liberals Grow Up?

Everything is theater and the best theater is one that hides the truth by becoming the news.

If the federal government shuts down come Friday, House Speaker John Boehner may be in for quite a mess at his Washington, D.C. residence if some Facebook users have their way.

A Facebook event, entitled "If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house," has popped up and is gaining steam as the shutdown showdown ramps up on Capitol Hill. If the federal government shuts down, one of the District's services that will stop is trash pickup.

"Speaker John Boehner is ready to shut down the government, including District of Columbia city services like trash collection," it says on the page. "Well, if he won't allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM.

Both Goodman and Treadway worked at the DNC. Goodman appears to be out of work while Treadway is working at Netroot Nation which means neither is being productive.

Neither seemed inclined to do anything at all when the Democrats were too busy to pass a budget last year nor are they too concerned that the Democrats are purposely shutting the government down in hopes of regaining some political gain now that they have squandered any credibility with the voters.

These people cannot grow up because then they would have to face reality. Ain't gonna happen.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Anatomy Of A Moron Who Actually Believes Progressive Crap

Found 'Errors' Means Prosser Win?

Imagine that, errors in Wisconsin ballot counting...

Gee, if this keeps happening people might start thinking that loser Stuart Smalley stole his election. Or maybe that LBJ stole an election or two.  Goodness gracious, people might stoop so low to think that JFK's daddy Joe stole an election.

Lauer, Vieira & Couric Out

Yeah, so?

Situation Normal: Boehner Is Doing What Is Right-Reid Not So Much At All

Hapless Harry. So gloomy. So disappointed in all of us because he and Madam Pelosi never got around to passing a budget last year. If only we had had the foresight to see Reid's planned government shutdown this year then last year poor Harry would've have done something to avoid it, but alas we, the voter, didn't help him save America by voting for Democrats.

It's all our fault.

Boehner is doing what he does which is not spending gads of our money and trying to save our money and rolling back critical legislation concerning drunken gay sex in Argentina. We're approaching an economic meltdown and Boehner has the audacity to think we shouldn't be spending money to study why drunks engage in unprotected sex. In another country.

Pundit and Pundette has a great roundup which I agree with including Pundette's feelings about Boehner.

Boehner vs. Obama

Granted, I am a fan of Boehner and I think Reid should be a deep fryer at McDonald's if they assign someone to watch over him constantly. There are a lot of conservatives and Tea Party members who I respect, but are already saying Boehner is a turncoat and a weepy boy for not having already fulfilled their political dreams. That, my friends, is stupid stuck in high gear, but hey, they've got every right to say it. We can agree on so many other things so why get waysided.

Boehner is herding cats and getting the job done. It will take time, but he will stay with it. Reid is also consistent, consistently wrong and consistently pedantic in his approach, but if Harry wants to drone for hours about this or that, which is really always about denying the voters their wish, then drone on Harry. We'll wait until you're finished and then ignore you and move the ball forward without you and your minion mimics in congress.

Harry Reid & Demos Will Shut Down Govt Because Of Ideology Not Negotiated Money Cuts

Hapless Harry just spoke that he is not happy and that the government will probably shutdown. In his most rousing monotone he said this would happen because of ideology as the numbers (money/cuts) were very close. In other words Harry is shutting down the government because he believes it will help Democrats (politics) and because he and Obama don't like Boehner's politics (again politics).

Harry and the Demos are still in denial over the last election.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Time To Address Once Again The Left's List Of Lies About Violence

The Left is still busily cutting and pasting the same list of lies believing that if like monkeys they can write Shakespeare with enough of them typing. It appears they have pared down the list, originally posted in the aptly named Crooks and Liars around 2008, because most of the list has been debunked or their attention span is any longer long enough to copy the entire list.

Yes, it is tiresome to constantly have to hurt their self-esteem by injecting reality, but we must continue to help these cut-and-paste idiot savants.

So, here is the latest list posted by cut-and-paste Shakespearean monkey hopefuls:

– July 2008: A gunman named Jim David Adkisson, agitated at how “liberals” are “destroying America,” walks into a Unitarian Church and opens fire, killing two churchgoers and wounding four others.

-          Adkisson’s former wife had attended the church he shot up which why he chose it as a target, his food stamps were about to be cut off and he couldn’t find a job. This crime was not just about his nutty ideas. It was a crime by a nut.

– December 2008: A pair of “Patriot” movement radicals — the father-son team of Bruce and Joshua Turnidge, who wanted “to attack the political infrastructure” — threaten a bank in Woodburn, Oregon, with a bomb in the hopes of extorting money that would end their financial difficulties, for which they blamed the government. Instead, the bomb goes off and kills two police officers. The men eventually are convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.

-          It appears that these two were right wingers in their heads. At least they had the rhetoric. They also tried to rob a bank or extort money because dear old dad had blown the family piggy bank. I have never known a conservative bank robber, but I have known liberals that have physically attacked others including police officers. As far as they being “Patriot” movement radicals? They probably had a choice between ELF and the patriot movement and though the patriot movement smelled better. They can chalk this one up for the liberal cut-and-paste crowd, but I’m not sure they can be called conservative.

– April 2009: A white supremacist named Richard Poplawski opens fire on three Pittsburgh police officers who come to his house on a domestic-violence call and kills all three, because he believed President Obama intended to take away the guns of white citizens like himself. Poplawski is currently awaiting trial.

-          Poplawski had a long history of violence and instability long before Obama was elected. He wasn’t a conservative.

– April 2009: Another gunman in Okaloosa County, Florida, similarly fearful of Obama’s purported gun-grabbing plans, kills two deputies when they come to arrest him in a domestic-violence matter, then is killed himself in a shootout with police.

-          It appears this gem is about Joshua Cartwright who was a neo-Nazi who believed the government was conspiring to take his guns. The killing began when deputies went to arrest him on domestic violence charges. The problem here is that liberals want to deflect and say any form of Nazi is conservative when that is not true. National Socialists, Nazis, were socialists and socialists cannot be labeled conservative here in America because socialists are of the left as are fascists and communists. Vocabulary and reality won’t change liberal rhetoric because they have too much invested in “the lie” which underpins their secular theology of government.

– May 2009: A “sovereign citizen” named Scott Roeder walks into a church in Wichita, Kansas, and assassinates abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

-          Roeder allegedly murdered Tiller because Tiller was an abortionist. Tiller was not a political leader so the rhetoric that he was assassinated is just that, rhetoric. More rhetoric is that Roeder was a “sovereign citizen” which I guess is supposed to mean he was conservative. Roeder was deranged and if he was part of the pro-life movement and a conservative he didn’t grasp the basic tenets of either movement which is they are pro-life, not, like liberals, pro-death. His murder of Tiller is anti-pro-life and anti- conservative. Your call whether that makes him a liberal or a nut.
– June 2009: A Holocaust denier and right-wing tax protester named James Von Brunn opens fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a security guard.

-          In fact, Von Brunn was a liberal Jew hating, 9/11 truther who hated President Bush and had threatened conservative writers and publications. He’s the liberal’s baby since they hatched him.

– March 2010: An anti-government extremist named John Patrick Bedell walks into the Pentagon and opens fire, wounding two officers before he is himself shot dead.

-          First problem: Bedell was a registered Democrat. He also hated the military and was a 9/11 truther. Like most LibProgs Bedell was pissed that he had been arrested for growing pot which he wanted as currency in his brave new world.

– May 2010: A still-unidentified white man walks into a Jacksonville, Fla., mosque and sets it afire, simultaneously setting off a pipe bomb.

-          So now unidentified, thus unknown, perpetrators are automatically conservative.

– July 2010: An agitated right-winger and convict named Byron Williams loads up on weapons and drives to the Bay Area intent on attacking the offices of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, but is intercepted by state patrolmen and engages them in a shootout and armed standoff in which two officers and Williams are wounded.


Well kids, time to go get more paper and scissors and find more things to spread around your mommy’s Internet. Be sure to get permission before you stay up late and go online. And remember, don’t run with sharp crayons and brush your tooth before you go to bed.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Another Union Leader Wants To Kill & This Time It's Thousands

via American Power

I love it when LibProgs whine about supposed conservative violence. Yeah, leaving the National Mall cleaner than they found it after a rally is a violent act they just can't relate to.

We've heard about the LibProgUnion death threats in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Virginia and many other states and now, not to be outdone, union members in Massachusetts up the ante.

It really is appalling that these loser thugs are now invoking MLK's name to give credence to their pitiful lies. They have no shame. They have no shame because they are worthless thugs.

Has Pelosi Actually Read A Bill?

That would be shocking if Pelosi actually knew what is in a bill before she voted for it. What's next? Is she going to actually learn math?

Under Pelosi the deficit, the national debt and unemployment have exploded, but she chatters on in rote fashion about seniors & children being hurt by fiscal sanity. She has used this rhetoric for so long (she learned it from her daddy the mayor) that it has never occurred to her that her policies have been destroying seniors and children and their future. Maybe one day she can use some of her millions to help those she has hurt, but in the meantime she wants to just keep using billions from taxpayers to elect herself and other Democrats.


Glenn Greenwald attacks Glenn Reynolds. No contest.

Greenwald is so predictable about being predictable. He is so shallow that he probably thought that Gertrude Stein was stuttering when she wrote "a rose is a rose is a rose," but a thing is a thing, whatever it is, and Greenwald is laughably so predictable, especially when he gets the tingles and feels the need to condescend to others to support his support for his beautiful man-boy Obama..

Reynolds is highlighted here not because he's unique but because he's so drearily common.

Greenwald, you wanted your guy, your messiah, and now you got him. Suck it up. Try to be a man and live with the consequences of your stupidity. Otherwise you're just another overpaid hack coward. Oh, wait...

Plus, I chuckle over Greenwald's classism with his dreary reference to being common. He makes me laugh. Out loud. He is so outclassed that one might feel sorry for him. Might.

Weird Korean Visits

This is strange. Between last evening and early this morning I have a ton of visits from Korea Telcom. The visits were every minute or so with multiple page views, but no information on what site sent them here nor what the entry or exit pages were.

Don't know the purpose of this, but I'm off to get some Poolppang. Later.

Obama Will Veto Anything That Threatens Net Neutrality

Another fixing of what isn't broken, but net neutralty gives the government and its poodle Google direct control over the Internet.

White House issues veto threat for repeal of net-neutrality rules

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton said in a statement ahead of the debate that net-neutrality rules will hurt the economy.
"The FCC has taken unprecedented action and tried to ‘fix’ a market that’s not broken. There is no crisis warranting an intervention and these rules will do more harm than good by chilling the very investment and innovation we need to ensure the Internet keeps pace with the growing demands being placed on it," Upton said.  
Do we really want an Internet which government will "control" just so we can have a monumental loser like Bill Moyers, for fairness and balance, receiving the same exposure as Porn Poodles From Luxor? They're both a myth, but the porn poodles have more real-life applications.