Saturday, June 05, 2010

6 Month Review: Dems Are Focused On ?

Nana, Harry and Barack stated that they would focus like laser beams on "Jobs, jobs, jobs" in 2010. After 6 months of this intense focus unemployment hovers above or below 10% if one decides to count temporary census workers as full time workers, especially those census workers that have been counted as new hires 4 or 5 times.

What have Nana, Harry and Barack been doing?

Taking over private business and industry while merely over regulating others
Creating legislation that voters don't want
Ignoring voters opposed to legislation they don't want
Investigating foes as racists
Tearing Wall Street down
Trying to hold anxious allies like unions back from forcing such issues as their destruction of the private ballot
Insulting our allies across the globe
Trying to censure the Internet
Growing the deficit by trillions
Doing for medical care what they have done for welfare
Investigating any and all companies or corporation to enable more control and shutdowns by the federal government
Opposed enforcing immigration laws
Bungling the effort to control the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

The above is a partial list of their vaunted accomplishments, but where are the jobs? Where are the jobs bills? Have we missed the debate amongst themselves and their discussions with constituents?

It appears their job is doing everything other than helping their constituents with jobs. That's a shame, because I thought creating or getting out of the way so private enterprise could create jobs was their job.

Democrats/Obama Continue to Come To The Aid Of Backstabbing Rejected Republicans

Just as with Snarlin' Arlen in Pennsylvania who quit the Republican Party after he had quit the Democrat Party in hopes of keeping his cushy job, so it goes with another backstabber rejected by Republicans, Charlie Crist of Florida. The Democrats, it appears, like traitors and backstabbers.

Dem strategists turning to Crist in Florida Senate race
"They never would have signed on to the Crist campaign unless it was okay at the highest levels."

Just like Specter and Crist the Democrats will slide, shuffle and deceive to stay in power. Whatever. Even if Crist wins, which he might, his career is over. Nobody likes a politician so spineless as to enable them to squeeze through a rat hole.