Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Loyola Instructor: US Military = Terrorist Mercenaries

I was reading LGF about June Terpstra who seemed to be a very hateful person. With just a few minutes of looking I found that she is indeed a hateful person and a very dedicated one at that.

Just like Prof Teh Frisch, Dr. Terpstra is Adjunct Faculty and a full time hater, especially hateful of not just our soldiers, but of God, family, our Republican form of government, society in general and most especially she hates individuals who make a lot of money.

Dr. Terpstra wants to be perceived as dangerous, but to me she appears to be just another bitcher and whiner trying to recapture the excitement of her youth. That is sad. Just another "expert" who lives in a bubble and see nothing but discord in her "world", oh and a conspiracy of evil people who control the world from behind magic walls that prevent them from being seen except by sharp marbles like Dr. Terpstra.

Given her current band of merry haters I would think she has next to her Qua ran, the Communist Manifesto and aNarchiSts R uS, a copy of "THE PROTOCOLS of the Meetings of the LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION." Because it isn't the Joooos land, it belongs to Muslims and it always has, so we could all just get along if we only realize this.

Below I have cited a few of her "thoughts". How does a person such as this obtain a position to influence students at "good" universities such as Columbia and Loyola? Maybe they are in those positions specifically to pedal their influence.

However, for the most part and by their own admission, personal financial
gain was their main focus in signing on. Their bottom line was getting the money
and their thrills by joining and belonging to the biggest terrorist organization
in the world, the USA.
Can we reall support these troops? By June Scorza terpstra

Did you know that Attention Deficit Disorder is a U.S. disease? Millions and millions of people in the USA can't pay attention and can't remember shit and who benefits from that?

We seethe with rage at the TV whenever we see these ugly American soldiers and the hooded Iraqi prisoners. Don't bring these fucker killer torturers back to this country to torture their wives, children, and mothers in their homes. Don’t let another generation of ruined mercenaries, military men, and now women too, roam the forests, urban jungles and deserts of America.
Who and What to Remember on Memorial Day? By June Scorza Terpstra AKA Genoa June

The selfish, greedy, all-consuming piggishness of the American way of
life that kills and enslaves, kills and enslaves year after year is not “the way
things have to be” nor the way it always was, nor the way of the future. Part of
the brain washing program of “mother culture” in the USA is to teach people that
this is just the way it is and “you can’t change it.”
Giving Thanks for Indigenous Peoples Ways by Dr. June Scorza Terpstra, 2003
Dedicated to John and Sally of St. Paul’s Sacred Fire and Mother Earth

They are striking back with blows that say “see how it if feels?” They reject your venomous version of democracy and freedom. They do not want their societies to be greed-based. They do not want mind-numbing sexually obsessed booty calls as the leitmotif of their culture. They do not want addictive genetically-modified foods to poison their people. They do not want to be sold into pharmaceutical slavery with Prozac so that they can become free to be you and me. They do not want progressive politics that progresses towards the extinction of people and planet. They do not want religions that justify invasion and occupation. They do not want whole populations of greedophile pod-people moved into their countries under the guise of “Jewish right of return” or “aid” or reconstruction or redevelopment. They have seen it all before---it’s called genocide, slavery and colonization.

Friday 15th July 2005 (20h08) : War and Ideology
7-15-07 WAR AND IDEOLOGY By Husayn Al-Kurdi and Dr. June Scorza Terpstra

Folks, if you think Sadaam was a threat you are not paying attention to
the facts of who really has the means, motive and opportunity to destroy the
world, who really has the weapons of mass destruction and who historically has
been the biggest killer, enslaver and butcher of all empires in history.
Yeppers, the owners and their governors of the entity called the USA.
EMPIRE CHRONICLES 12-16-03 by June Scorza Terpstra

For example, they killed over three million in their war on Vietnam, (1964-1975). US led activities in Central America produced at least another one million deaths (1971-1990). Closer to home, the bald eagle has a history of holocausting Black and Red people. Whites and Christians may also be dispensed with if massah so decrees it. The Christian Branch Dividian Group can testify to their readiness to use terrorism on "their own people." Mass murder and the removal of resisting undesirables are the principle means for attaining uncontested hegemony.
Thursday 7th July
2005 (17h30)
Fork in the Road
News International & Liberation Central By Husayn Al-Kurdi and
June Scorza Terpstra

Some Americans, mostly young and mostly poor or working class and their overseers in the middle-class will even go to war and be killed. They'll die for the American Way which kills the people, the air, the soil, the water and this is the "economy" of the empire called the USA and the people got more stuff than anybody anywhere.
The Horror by June Scorza Terpstra

It was an exhilerating, powerful and painful experience
in Genova last year. Even at 49 years old, I still believed taking it to the
streets was one of many effective ways to fight back. Last year I passionately
believed that if "we" kept up the Genova type actions, as one of many
strategies, "we" could shake the imperialist shit loose!
July 20, 2002
Reflections and Flashbacks: Genoa, One Year Later by June C. Terpstra

In fact, from the looks of things here in Arizona the fascisti have done their inflitrating so well they probably are not even needed anymore. Folks just follow the PC script for staying divided while keeping real anti-capitalist anti-imperialist
resistance from ever having a chance to show its lovely, lively presence. This
has been the hegemonic game plan that has worked so well in the USA "movements" since the 1960's and maybe even the 1930's. This is not to say it has not been at work in Europe. After WWII there was a concentrated effort by the new SS (CIA) in the USA to infiltrate and defeat the commies and socialists in Italy. But at least, some cities in the USA, like Chi-Town are putting up a fight and
back in Italy this fine old tradition of manifesting in the streets will never
die, no matter how pissed off folks are with each other because the people still
have a bit of resistance in em. Come on Phoenix, you can do better than this!
From the not so wild West (as far as resistance goes)
Genoa June
Scorza Terpstra
Liberation Central
Bravo Roma, Bravo Chicago, Peccato Arizona

The point of my article today is that the power elites have learned the
lessons taught by the Italian revolutionary philosopher Antonio Gramsci far
better than any other "historical group" on the right, middle or left sections
of the political spectrum. The big pimp’s ho, (Bush’s whore) Condoleezza Rice,
understands and communicates these concepts better than most peaceniks,
progressives and social justice activists.
Big Pimp Baby Daddy Addicted to Oil By Dr. June Terpstra

This way, “students could make their own choice about what they should do
for what was right for them,” she said. “This is a very bad day in the history
of the United States.”
150 walk out against war Columbia Chronicle Online - Mar. 24, 2003

Rsearch Topics:
Sioux and Allies vs. USA with notably the gloriousLittle Big Horn and the
extermination of Custer and his co-vermin

June Terpstra, a criminal justice scholar at Loyola University Chicago

June Terpstra, a part-time teacher at both Loyola and Columbia

Terpstra, June
Adjunct Faculty
Liberal Education
Address: Not Available
Phone: Not Available

Email: Not Available

June Terpstra
Part-Time Instructor
Loyola University, Chicago
Northeastern Illinois University (Visiting- -Lecturer) Columbia College (Lecturer)

Let's see, the CIA is a continuation of the SS. Condoleeza Rice is a whore. Just the poor and working-class join the military. The U.S. is "holocausting" all over the world.

I believe Dr. June Terpstra is a pathetic person. That is too bad for her, her students and the evil people who provide the cash to pay her to teach in an evil environment and lead such a pitiful existence. I guess by her own identification, Dr. Terpstra is the whore.

Democrats afraid of Iraq debate

Practically everyone agrees that the Iraq War is the top issue on America’s
agenda. So, it’s unfortunate that Democrats running the House have decided
to block full, robust debates on the conflict.

Although much of the media blamed the Republican minority for blocking a
Senate debate last week, the Democratic leadership that refused to allow GOP
Senators a vote on their preferred war resolution holds a major share of the
responsibility for inaction.

The move caused Republicans to make use of long-established Senate rules to
filibuster and end debate — for now, but Democrats clearly acted out of concern
that the GOP measure would pass and muddy the waters for their preferred
resolution disapproving of President Bush’s troop escalation.

In the House, Democratic leaders have violated their oft-stated promise
— made when they were in the minority — to allow open rules and full debate on
legislation if they took control of the chamber. After first indicating last
week that Republicans could offer an alternative war resolution, Democrats
changed their minds and pushed through a closed rule allowing Republicans only
to offer a motion to recommit the Democratic measure to the International
Relations Committee.

House Democrats contend that closed rules were the norm when
Republicans held sway over the chamber, and that’s certainly true. But Democrats
loudly protested the custom and swore it would go away when they took power. But
no sooner was Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sworn in as Speaker than the
Democrats commenced their “100 hour” opening legislative blitz under closed
rules. They’re doing it again on the Iraq issue.

The Dragon Lady always smiles when she is screwing the voters.

Global Warming - Find the Shoe

Same camera as below.
1 day later.
Q. It's blurry.
A. That's ice on the lens.
(the white spot is the ghost of Woody thinking that in this weather there must be a game)