Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Wow, this is so wrong.

House In A Box

One could order a house from a Sears & Roebuck catlogue and it would arrive in two railroad cars ready to be put together by "a man of average abilities."
The guy that wrote that line was probably the grandfather of the guy that promised me that I could easily put the toys together on Christmas eve in "under an hour."
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June 2, 455

Vandals sack Rome.

Look familiar?

CHANGE: Chinese Hummer-HOPE:They Don't Ship The Jobs There

Obama's outsourcing overseas plan. Think those customer service operators are hard to understand now, just wait until you have to complain about seats put in backwards. You'll probably be told, "yaw wuo." Get used to it.

GM to sell Hummer to Chinese company
General Motors Corp. took a key step toward its downsizing on Tuesday, striking a tentative deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese manufacturer, while also revealing that it has potential buyers for its Saturn and Saab brands.

Obama's economic plan is strengthing the economy everyday. In China.

Dems Sew Up 2010 & 2012 Election Today!

They don't need no stinkin' papers.

Feds spike voter citizenship checks in Georgia
"This flawed system frequently subjects a disproportionate number of African-American, Asian and/or Hispanic voters to additional, and more importantly, erroneous burdens on the right to register to vote," Loretta King, acting assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's civil rights division, said. King's letter was sent to Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker on Friday.

Why is it so onerous to produce an ID? Whatever, we already have 110% of eligible voters making their mark in places around the country so why stop here.

Why are these rulings being made? It cannot be because of racism, because if it is then the Justice Department is stating that these groups aren't intelligent and responsible enough to provide proof. Now that is racism.

Presidents Abedinejad & Obama Will Just Have A Nice Chat

As usual The Washington Post poses Iran's plans for nuclear weapons as a domestic concern that can be rationally chatted about by the big O and Chairman Short.

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate
President Barack Obama suggested that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy _ provided it proves by the end of the year that its aspirations are peaceful.

Obama then went on to caution us that our values are different from Iran's values. Who knew?

Obama added that there is a danger "when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture."

Different? I'd say so. We don't reward murders wielding long knives for the decapitation of infidels and rapists plying their trade with family, friends and neighbors with a promise of 72 virgins for eternity. Mix in nuclear weapons and their intended use by Iran and those differences become more clear. To us. Not so much with the Obama Administration.