Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vacation In Arizona (Legally) Just To Hack Off Liberals

No matter how many times I see the Grand Canyon I am still in awe. I'm going back. Not down the face walls nor the Cathedral Stairs. Maybe just the bar at that fancy hotel El Tovar.

Maybe I'll go see the first really big telescope I got to look through, when it was still at Perkins Observatory in Delaware, Ohio, at Lowell Observatory. They have a pet named Pluto.

A favorite church of mine is Mission San Xavier del Bac, an architectural wonder built and decorated by native Indians for the founding missionaries. At the opposite end of that spectrum is Taliesin West built by Frank Loyld Wright who scammed non-paid students and admirers into doing his labor. Where Taliesin West has bad bones, San Xavier del Bac has the bones of saints.

The art galleries in Scottsdale are absolutely incredible. They broke my bank. Another good site is Yuma Crossing where they have a trading post, archealogical digs and, oh my, the old Arizona Territorial Prison.

Breathing While Undocumented

Maybe they can reopen it.

You like castles? This one is a got to see, Montezuma Castle. Condos? White House, not the one in DC, has some seriously old condos, yeah, with a view. In fact, a really incredible view. Like ball court sports? One word, Snaketown.

Last stop would be the Sierra Bonita Ranch. Any ranch owned by a Hooker can't be all bad.

Arizona is fun. From the cold areas of the Grand Canyon and Flastaff all the way down to the furnace called southern Arizona.

With ObamaCare coming to a soon empty medical facility near you,you might be thinking about great dental care. It's right across the border in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Be sure to have your ID and necessary papers on you (and ready to present to authorities at any time) during your stay. Mexicans are funny about the legality of its visitors and immigrants.

In Mexico, illegal is illegal and if you're illegal, you're going to jail until they can transport your butt back across the border. From my experience, the jail time is necessary so one can arrange for a large sum of money to be wired to Mexican authorities to cover fines, incidentals and their hurt national pride that anyone would be in their country illegally. They're so hurt by that prospect that the army, regional authorities, immigration control and all police work in concert to enforce mexico's strict immigration laws.

Ley General De Población
Capítulo III Inmigración


“The authorities who, by virtue of law, exercise a mandate for public enforcement [the police] at federal, local or municipal level, shall provide cooperation to immigration authorities when said immigration authorities request it, to comply with the provisions of this law [the General Law of Population].”

Bonus,  Arizona's water is gold. AU H2O.

SEIU Thug Openly Threatens California Legislature

Meet Lisa Brown of the SEIU. She is the face of today's union.

Bribery, blackmail and threats. I hope the voter will toss out SEIU supported politicians along with the SEIU. They both are the enemy of good governance.

The Beholden State

How public-sector unions broke California
The video has become a sensation among California taxpayer groups for its vivid depiction of the audacious power that public-sector unions wield in their state. The unions’ political triumphs have molded a California in which government workers thrive at the expense of a struggling private sector. The state’s public school teachers are the highest-paid in the nation. Its prison guards can easily earn six-figure salaries. State workers routinely retire at 55 with pensions higher than their base pay for most of their working life.

Unions: Killing prosperity everywhere.