Thursday, August 02, 2007

Independents and Other Wimps

Number of Democrats Falls to New Low, Republicans Decline Too

The number not affiliated with either major party jumped a full point to
32.9%. That matches the highest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports
(see history).

Wusses, wimps and "I wanna have it both ways" type of people.

You think we should get out Iraq? Be a Democrat.

You think Iraq strategically and tactically is important to the War on Terror, be a Republican.

You think open borders is the correct way to go? Be a Democrat.

You think immigrants should follow the law, be a Republican.

Pick any of your issues and think about it.

I am so tired of people that state, "both parties suck", or "I'm independent. I vote for the candidate". BS, you're either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. Fence sitting is worse. A political party reflects those that vote for and those that are active in the party. This is true at the national and state level as well as at the local level. The local level is the beginning or training ground for politicians seeking higher office thus very important.

Independents, like the Green Party and others, dilute the direction of the elected. Ask the Democrats about Nader and ask the Republicans about Perot. These two examples selfishly and arrogantly thwarted the will of the majority, thus the will of the nation.

If you don't like the direction your party is taking, get off your butt and get involved. To say that neither party represents you is disingenuous. Either you are looking for the perfect match or you are looking to avoid a commitment. If you won't get involved then you are just whining and the rest of us do not want to hear it.

Fence sitters and independents enable big government liberals to grow government in terms of size, budget, regulations and laws that strangle the citizenry and business by not being organized to stop them. Many independents also vote for the candidate that will give them the biggest share at the public trough. These are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

Our traditional one man, one vote and the two party system made us strong. All those that say we need a third party do not appear to know history. Those that say they're all crooks and liars do not stop and reflect that our elected officials reflect us as our choice. To all those crooks and liars shouting they're all crooks and liars, you are one in the same.

I am a conservative, but I don't need a Conservative Party because that would dilute my vote. I vote with Republicans because they reflect my hopes, desires and values far more than the Democratic Party.