Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last American To Leave Miami Should Grab The Flag & Turn Off The Lights

In Miami, Spanish is becoming the primary language
Melissa Green's mother spoke Spanish, but she never learned - her father forbid it. Today, that's a frequent problem in this city where the English-speaking population is outnumbered.

The 49-year-old flower shop owner and Miami native said her inability to speak "espanol" makes it difficult to conduct business, seek help at stores and even ask directions. She finds it "frustrating."

"It makes it hard for some people to find a job because they don't speak Spanish, and I don't think that it is right," said Green, who sometimes calls a Spanish-speaking friend to translate for customers who don't speak English.

"Sometimes I think they should learn it," she said.

"The Anglo population is leaving," said Juan Clark, a sociology professor at Miami Dade College. "One of the reactions is to emigrate toward the north. They resent the fact that (an American) has to learn Spanish in order to have advantages to work. If one doesn't speak Spanish, it's a disadvantage."

La Scala Loves Theater

La Scala to stage Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'

And Inconvenient Truth is nothing, but theater. Bad science. bad theater.

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

via Tony Phyrillas

Click HERE to force Congress to stop aLgorasming at our expense and lower the cost of gas and our dependence on foreign interests.

Let's start a petion for new refineries as well. Maybe build a wind farm in the halls of Congress. That alone should be good for continuous mega watts. It's a start.