Thursday, April 05, 2012

Coal Union Bosses Campaign Against EPA...

Obama's EPA, which is decimating our economy and jobs, is slammed by a union boss who then goes on to praise Obama.

Mine union boss: Coal industry could suffer same fate as bin Laden

And they're curious as to why unions have been losing membership for decades?

Voter Fraud Does Not Exist Except...

It's rare except when it isn't which is every time somebody takes the time to look. Like this time:

'Bout That Money We 'Loaned'

In a February 28 speech, President Obama referred to this expenditure of $80 billion as a bet on the American worker, and added: “Now, three years later . . . that bet is paying off, not just paying off for you, it’s paying off for America.” His implication that the bailout is succeeding-that it will not ultimately be a loss for taxpayers-is a constant theme of Democrats.

Conservative Moms Rock!

Thanks to All Voted in the Top 25 Political Moms Contest!

The conservatives rocked and my fave, Zilla, came in 6th which for a new blog is pretty damn good! Lonely Conservative came from behind to win #1. Congrats!