Monday, November 23, 2009

ACORN Dumps Documents To Hide What?

Nuts, tree, etc.

BREAKING: San Diego ACORN Document Dump Scandal

How much would a bunch of acorns have to be afraid of Jerry Brown? I think it would be more of a reunion.

Why Are Liberals Afraid Of Palin?

That should be liberals, progressives, socialists, etc and not just Palin, but of what she stands for?

A local blog is using phrases like "Camp Stupid" and other derogatory phrases. They even brag about confronting the crowds waiting to see her in which they use vulgarities, that they use just to antagonize, to tell those waiting just how stupid they are and how stupid Palin is.

I guess a couple of questions to them might be:

  • Why do you believe you are superior to Mrs. Palin and those wishing to see her?
  • Do you ridicule Mrs. Palin because you truly have alternatives or are you just acting out for fun
  • Are you acting in good faith with your questions or are you hoping to trick your opponents?
  • If you need to belittle Mrs. Palin's accomplishments, what have you accomplished and how is what she has done less of an accomplishment than you?
  • When lashing out at your opponents in such a hateful and personal manner, do you consider that actively working for your ideas? If so, how many people have you compelled to change their views to agree with your views?

I'd really like to know.

Climate Change Infects Individuals With Wussiness

Well, Climate Change seems to do all sort of things single-handedly.

So this is how Nevada came about:

'Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution'...

This predicts a health care reform that works faster than Obama's plan:

Climate change 'could kill 4.5 million children'

Mustn't forget the ladies:

Climate change is a feminist issue

What the article doesn't state are the other repercussions:

Climate Change prolongs diaper stench
Climate Change spreads STDs
Climate Changes fuels foreclosures
Climate Change heats economic meltdown
Climate Change sickens health care
Climate Change causes puppies to cry
Climate Change feeds obesity
Climate Change splits marriages
Climate Change sparks zombies to life

Climate Change makes babies cry

Gotta remember:

Prince Charles says we have '100 months left'

Washington Post