Thursday, June 02, 2011

Socialist Pomp and Grandioise Scrambled Eggs

Got to spend 20 minutes as 14th Street was cleared and Bam Bam's motorcade was rushed back into the WH complex. 10 motorcycle cops, Suburbans out of the ying yang, cop cars, an ambulance, two limos flags aflying and other mixed vehicles for a return from a golf outing on a workday afternoon. 

I found it interesting, as I sat there thinking of the incredible volunteers I had just met with supplying parochial education to children in need, for free. Our nation may be fucked.

No More Mister Nice Guy: Weiner Is A Dick

Mr. Obnoxious has opened the closet door to his obnoxiousness. Question him and he will have you detained by police. Weiner should be packed away in a straight jacket and sent to the Charles Schumer Home for the Delusional Press Whores.

Weiner’s Office Calls Police After CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer Asks For An Interview

The joke used to be that the most dangerous place in DC was between a news camera and Chuckey Schumer, but Weiner is proving that wrong. I think he doth protest too much the little bully coward.

Obama's Great Depression