Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Class Warfare

"I have nothing against rich people... but what made America great is the
middle class."
Most Liberals, depending on the venue, vacillate between their canned adoration of the middle class and the poor as they who built America. What a crock of crap. Americans of all economic levels built and made America great, and yes, rich people are included.

Class warfare as a political tool.

Clinton credited the union movement with building the middle class. She
said she thinks it should be easier to join unions and said she supports a
union-supported method of organizing called "card check."

The union is negotiating its contract with MGM Mirage, Harrah's
Entertainment and other casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The group's presidential
endorsement is expected to be key to winning Nevada January 19 Democratic

Using "card check" intimidation instead of the secret ballot is a great way to build the middle class. It is kind of like "You'll eat your spinach and like it" except my parents didn't use weapons and violence on me.

I'm sure that Senator Clinton knows these economic figures, but like all progressives she lies ignores them and feeds pablum to those just trying to make ends meet for votes. The top the top 20 percent of earners pay more than 74 percent of taxes while the bottom 50 percent of income earners, on the other hand, pay less than 5 percent of income taxes, but why not lie when you gain votes by making achievers look evil.

The real tax increase is the swelling federal and state budgets that now underwrite expenditures of seemingly everything and everyone except the middle class and the rich, but with her socialist style health/welfare system, Senator Clinton hopes to buy the votes of the middle class. The tremendous rise in medical and medicine costs can be directly pinned to the extraordinary rise in governmental regulation, legislation and interference and lawsuits filed or threatened.

It's as if there is a coordinated plan to increase the cost of necessities to allow for an increase of governmental oversight and bureaucracy which means more tax increases all to make the government more indispensable. This all comes at a cost of making citizens powerless to control all of this largess and the departments that control it. As an experiment, try reading and tracking earmarks or any state or federal department's budget. Begin there. If you can get the information.

The real issue of "class warfare" as a political tool is that when it is successfully used the losers are the middle class and the working poor and the only winner is government and the bureaucrats that run it. That includes senators and representatives.


Arthur Fellig (June 12, 1899 - December 26, 1968)

Fellig got the name Wegee because he had the uncanny ability to photographing crime scenes minutes after the crime and before the police had arrived. Weegee is Ouija as in Ouija Board. His photography was a gritty and stark recording of NYC and its violence, its street life, and culture. I often thought of Weegee's work as a modern Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

I will not show the more graphic photos, but for a more in depth look at his work go here and here.

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