Friday, November 17, 2006

Friends of Che

You gotta read this. This a real website and a reasonable fellow wrote in about the election. Keep reading to hear how a friend of Che responds. It is brilliant!


Nov 11 2006 9:55A


This past election was a vote where many decent republican incumbents lost their jobs to unproven democrat candidates. Was more or less had a hate vote. An anti-bush and anti-Iraq vote. I can understand any persons opposition to either bush or the war in Iraq. But these are issues that were best to be addressed at our next presidential election. This short mindedness instead produced fallout on many statewide and local elections throughout the nation. A choice made out of emotional decisions based upon media sensationalism of unconnected events will be a choice that may cause irreparable harm to our nation 6 months from now or 5 years from now.

The strategy of the Democratic party this election was the same strategy they used in the last Mayoral election against Sam Katz. "If you vote for Sam Katz then your putting George Bush in city hall" Every ad I heard on the radio attacking Lynn Swann mentioned Bush. That was the basis of the whole Democratic campaign strategy. Connect your opponent to Bush. Read between the lines; There is no strategy.

To further this you have entire demographic segments of the population that blindly vote Democratic purely for reasons of thinking it the progressive thing to do, yet having no real understanding of politics. Being a Democrat appears to be the popular and trendy thing to do. As I canvassed my division trying to get new voter registrations I am appalled by the number of people who vote Republican but in actuality are registered as Democrats and are afraid of the stigma that may come with being affiliated with the Republican party.

In the last 2 weeks leading up to the election me and my fellow committee partners easily distributed about 1500 pieces of literature door to door and outside our polling place. In the 2 hours that led to the closing of the polls we must have knocked on the doors of dozens of registered Republicans who had not yet voted, and encouraged them to come out and show their support for Rick Santorum a man who has diligently worked to represent his constituents. What did the other side do? Use Santorum and Bush in the same sentence.


Repubicans holding high polical positions lost their job, it was meant to happen, that is why we have elections, the people decide who govern them.

yes again...
it was a hate Bush vote, people are fed up with his inconpetence, and the incompetence of his party...many of these republicans may or may not agree with actions taken by President Bush, however; since they are all from the same party they do not argue or even question his motives and/or money spending of our tax dollars. People will not wait for another presidential election to try and fix this mess we want our soldiers back home safe! how many more lives have to be lost before someone does something.

irreparable harm? like the current budget? we are the worst defit in history thanks to our President and his party that will back him up to the very end in this madness. Over half of americans have no health insurance and we are spending all our money on bombs!
There was a time in history when we were at a surplus, but sadly Clinton cannot govern forever.

Republicans are kings of bad publicity, remember those ads against Mayor Street? this bad publicity I believe is used more by republicans, democrats resently found out they work. They tried to impeach Clinton for being unfaithful to his family by fucking a woman.
how about we impeach this President for fucking all americans over and especially our men and women in uniform who are needelesy dying to make rich men richer.

if my party was responsible for the way the economy is...I'd be ashamed as well.

why did Rumfeld resign?
afraid of being investigated?
when everything was controlled by one party, people like Rumsfeld didn't have to explain his actions to anyone, now that things have changed instead of trying to fix the mess wth a clean face he runs...

Run Rumfeld, run...don't be a hero.

If in the White House...
Hi, I'm President Bush, and I think today should be fartday, so America, please fart!
people like Santorum would say:
I realy don't like farting, it is very unpleasant and rude; however Bush is our party leader and because of it we should follow him blindly. Hey! Chaney! won't you put your gun away and pull my finger.

Hateful uncaring conservatives

In the book, he cites extensive data analysis to demonstrate that values advocated by conservatives -- from church attendance and two-parent families to the Protestant work ethic and a distaste for government-funded social services -- make conservatives more generous than liberals.

The book, titled "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" (Basic Books, $26), is due for release Nov. 24.

When it comes to helping the needy, Brooks writes: "For too long, liberals have been claiming they are the most virtuous members of American society. Although they usually give less to charity, they have nevertheless lambasted conservatives for their callousness in the face of social injustice."

It's not about social injustice, it's about helping people and it is not about bragging about helping people, but just doing it. It's about helping out at school, helping a sick person, a family in need as some examples and, yes, it is also about giving money. It is not bragging about it nor is it about making it a party platform. We've seen what that type of compassion has given the United States of America.

Bo Schembechler

DETROIT (AP) - Bo Schembechler, the winningest coach in Michigan football history, died Friday after collapsing during the taping of a television show, according to three Detroit TV stations. He was 77.

Played for Woody, mentored by Woody and fiercest opponent of Woody.

A very good man.

Note to Carl “screw’em” Levin

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be any god damned civilization."
Wayne Woodrow Hayes

Wayne Woodrow Hayes, aka "Woody"

"I'll never forget how tough that guy was. I was a graduate assistant, 21 years old, and ... we lost to Michigan that year, 7-0. We went back home, and Woody called a meeting at his house. We're all sitting there in his house and he's got the projector. Now, you understand back in those days, we're talking 16-millimeter film. And he has this projector on there and he's running it back and forth. I'm sitting in the back of the room staying out of the way and he's getting madder and madder. And suddenly, he picked up that projector and threw it. And he said, 'I won't subject the people of Columbus to football like that.' I'll never forget that" - Former Michigan coach and OSU assistant Bo Schembechler on Woody Hayes, his later friend and rival.

27 hours and 45 minutes

Blunt wins

but "He keeps an anonymous bust in his office that dates to 1815. It is the only unidentified bust in the Capitol."

I have it on good so-so sources that the bust was to be of a Michigan scholar, but...


World's Strongest Man contest? Pudzianowski? Lugging two motorcycles, anchors and 20 kegs, filled?

Oh, if I must.

28 hours and 45 minutes

It's Boehner!

A sure sign that OSU will win!

Cut and Run begun answer

Or, screw them that you brung to the dance

Carl Levin is just symptomatic of the losers on the left that have misread the last election and who have no compunction about the loss of freedom and the ensuing slaughter of Iraqis.

Let Them Eat Bullets

Posted 11/16/2006

Foreign Affairs: A nation that's defended Europe from aggression in the 60 years since World War II is asking why Iraq can't defend itself. The fact is, Iraqis risk their lives for their country every day.

Clearly the days when Democrats warned of a long twilight struggle and pledged to pay any price and bear any burden to ensure the success and survival of liberty are over, judging from remarks by Carl Levin, incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee.

"We cannot save the Iraqis from themselves," Levin opined Wednesday at a Capitol Hill press conference. "The only way for Iraqi leaders to squarely face that reality is for President Bush to tell them that the United States will begin a phased redeployment of our forces within four to six months."

"We cannot be their security blanket," he added. But why not, if it's in our best long-term security interest?

Yes, we should demand more of the Iraqis. But those who ask whether we can or should stop Iraqis from killing themselves forget that we're in this to stop others from killing us and using Iraq as a base camp from which to do it.

We've been Europe's security blanket for six decades. We are Japan's security blanket. We are South Korea's. It's been said that were it not for us, the French would be speaking German and the Germans would be speaking Russian. In 1938, the West decided it couldn't be Czechoslovakia's security blanket and sold out that country in Munich, Germany. The rest, as they say, is history.

"Phased redeployment" is a code word for retreat, one that may one day, Senator Levin, lead to car bombs going off in the streets of Detroit, not Baghdad. We forget that this war really began when a truck bomb went off in the parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993, nearly killing tens of thousands.

Iraqis — civilians, military and police — are risking their lives for their country every day, from the millions who proudly held up their purple fingers to the young police applicants who are murdered as they line up to serve their country. Then more line up in their place.

Are the Arabs ready for democracy or are they doomed by an ingrained tribalism? We need only to look at Lebanon, where a multicultural democracy once flourished. Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East until the country became a human shield for the PLO and then Hezbollah terrorists supported by Syria and Iran.

The Lebanese might have sustained their multicultural democracy had we not cut and run after Hezbollah killed 241 Marines in Beirut in 1983, deciding we could no longer afford to be Lebanon's security blanket. Sometimes democracies need a little help from their friends.

Sectarian violence needs to be dealt with effectively by the new Iraqi government. But we are reminded that Americans did a good job of killing each other from 1861-65 in a war against ourselves that consumed more lives than all our other wars. We invented sectarian violence.

Democracy is a fragile and rare commodity. We forget how close this government of the people and by the people actually came to perishing from the earth. It might not ever have come into being if a French fleet hadn't provided a security blanket at Yorktown.

Our death toll in Iraq isn't close to the carnage of a single battle in World War II, Iwo Jima or one in our own Civil War, Antietam. Ironically, the place where John Murtha would have us "redeploy" to — Okinawa — was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in human history, due in part to the imperial Japanese version of the truck bomb, the kamikaze.

After Desert Storm we told the Iraqis to seize the moment, only to do nothing when they did and watch Saddam Hussein slaughter them. That sense of betrayal lingers and is not dampened by the results of the midterm election or the current talk of abandonment or redeployment.

If we want the Iraqis to step up to the plate, it doesn't help to be threatening to take our bats and balls and go home.

h/t Instapundit

Republican leadership vote today

Classic 2002 OSU VS Michigan game on ESPNC.


Whew! It was close. Krenzel, looking amazingly young, pulled out a 14 - 9 win!

Buckeyes VS mangy curs

Not that I am antsy, but maybe watching the 1993 PBA Jackson Senior Open rerun and actually paying attention is a sure sign that I need something to take my mind off the national football championship game tomorrow.

Just to make it worse they have moved the start to 3:45 PM. I was told by a university official (of course he they are anonymous) that this was done not to make me angry, but to give Michigan 15 more minutes to live.

Tommy Evans, in a clutch match, just finished with an amazing strike. Teata Simiz is knocking down pins big time.......

29 hours, 21 minutes and 32 seconds

I lost my bet again. Dick Beatty pulled out a glorious win with 5 straight strikes!