Sunday, November 12, 2006

How long has Bill Maher been a cocksucker?

How else would he know?

I am so sick of these liberal truth morons. They denigrate human beings for their own political gain and try to justify it through their own pathetic political reasoning. "If I am right, and I know I am, it justifies what I am alledging" is their justification.

Has it ever occured to them that a Ken Melman just doesn't think it is important to discuss who he is sleeping with?

Of course cocksuckers like Maher actually believe Hollywood stars are news makers. Like him. Dumber than Olbermann. Is that possible?

Happy Veterans Day Bill. You have undone what veterans have fought for in the last 200+ years. The right to live free and privately. That is what not just makes you a cocksucker, but a pretty sad cocksucker. Many people have sex for the pure joy of it. Others have sex to control or use sex to intimidate. Billy, you use sex to intimidate. BTW, can you control yourself?

If you think you do, you do it poorly.

I personally know the same amount of information about Ken Melman's intimate habits as Bill Maher knows about Ken Melman's intimate habits which is why I say Bill Maher sucks cocks. Bill Maher, as far as I know, loves to suck cocks. He thinks sucking cocks makes him funnier.

Swallow asshole. Your acerbic shallowness makes me sick. Your intellectual vacuosness makes us all feel a sadness for you.