Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama's DREAM Amnesty For More Dem Voters

ACORN is already counting them for the post census redistricting.

The DREAM Act in the 111th Congress
S. 729 and H.R. 1751

In-State Tuition for Future Illegal Aliens
• The bill retroactively repeals the federal ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens, thus
nullifying the lawsuits already decided in favor of the federal ban, but currently under

The Amnesty
• To qualify for lawful permanent resident status, an applicant must be inadmissible or
deportable and must:
o Have been physically present in the US for the five years preceding the date of
enactment (the bill does not specify how aliens are to prove this, or even whether
they have to prove it);
o Have been under the age of 16 upon entry into the US;
o Be a “person of good moral character,” but only AFTER the application is filed;
o Not have been convicted of an aggravated felony or more than two misdemeanors
(though being charged with such crimes is fine);
o Not be a known terrorist or national security risk;
o Not be a known/convicted smuggler or human trafficker (all other immigration
violations are fine, and this one can be waived for humanitarian or family unity
o Not have abducted a child and taken the child to a different country.
o At the time of filing an application, have been admitted to an institution of higher
education, or have a high school diploma or a GED;
o Have never received a final order of removal or exclusion unless the alien
successfully played the legal system and found a way to remain in the US under
color of law, or the final order was issued before the alien turned 16; and
o Be under 35 years of age as of the date of enactment.

• There are no numerical limits on how many illegal aliens may be granted amnesty, and
they cannot be counted against any existing immigration cap.

• There is no end date on the application period, so an alien who enters illegally next year,
but who can purchase or fabricate “evidence” indicating that he meets the requirements,
can apply for amnesty.

• No alien who files an amnesty application may be removed from the United States before
the application is adjudicated completely. There are no exceptions to this, so as long as an alien filed an amnesty application before he flew a plane into the World Trade Center or went on a killing spree in the local mall, he could not be removed from the country until USCIS (hopefully) denied his application and he exhausted all appeals.

Go read the rest and look at what our future looks like.

Obama & States Overspending Similarity

There are a lot of similarities between these two maps which 1) shows states with an overspending problem and 2) shows states that voted for Obama.

Here in Ohio, Republicans, in years past, teed up the overspending ball, but Democrat Gov. Strickland has driven it down the fairway towards bankruptcy. Higher taxes will drive more business out of state, prevent business from coming to Ohio, stop new business start ups and send them all over seas.

Public Education Has Brought Us Socialism As A Reality

Notice the numbers of the younger group of respondents. The national teacher unions are succeeding in destroying the American dream.

Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism

Soon we can all enjoy the grayness of "equality" in a socialist state where government rules absolutely everything including freedom, creativity, religion, business and an individual's ability to participate in these things.

And now we have Obama, Pelosi and Reid running the executive and legislative branchs of government. They're two thirds of the way to their goal.

Gateway Pundit has more on this.