Friday, April 02, 2010

Crazy Baby Huey Chavez Wants Nukes From Putin

I can't think of anything more comforting than comfort food, but Venezuela's Hugo Chavez having nuclear power comes mighty close. I mean, he did fight off an invasion by President George Bush and intergalactic star fighters. That's where the space tech comes in; starfighters, death stars and midnight black hole helicopters. With Wookiees.

Putin bolsters oil, defense ties with Venezuela

* Chavez wants nuclear energy, space technology

* Venezuela beefing up defenses with Russian arms

* Russian companies to produce oil from Orinoco belt

* Putin also meeting Bolivia's Morales (Recasts, update with meeting)

Vlad the Impaler is meeting with his buddy Hugo and Evo, two pees in a pod, about increasing Russia's presence in South America. And you know Vlad is simply trying to export feedom and liberty to our brothers and sisters to the south.
So, Venezuela, being the largest producer of oil in South America, how is that socialist thing working out for you? We'll be so lucky when Obama gets it done here. Who needs stable electricity. Or good health care, eh?

A Family Barn Raising In Ohio

Large wooden barns have been a northwest Ohio farm staple since the 1800s, sheltering livestock, providing enclosed work areas and offering storage for hay, straw, grain and farm equipment. A "barn raising" was often a community event in which neighbors, friends and family members of all ages gathered to construct a barn. While men worked on the barn, youngsters carried water for thirsty workers and fetched needed items, and women prepared bountiful meals for the participants. This May 1911 photograph shows a group of 41 men, women and children at a barn raising on the Wade Rethmel farm on Rethmel Road south of Evansport. The barn, which still stands, is now owned by Don and Anita Rethmel. As time passed, wooden barns fell into disfavor due to changes in farming and livestock management practices, larger farm equipment and less maintenance intensive building alternatives. The numerous historic barns that once dotted the local landscape continue to disappear as the years pass, severing an historical tie with the area's early agricultural methods.

ObamaCare's Immediate Impact

As applications to medical school drop and more and more doctors calling it quits, especially tort favorites such as OB/GYN, expect more doctors to post signs like this. Just before they quit.

Kasich For Governor

I am a supporter of John Kasich. I have been since he was my congressman. John came from a union/Democrat family in Pennsylvania, but as a college student here in Ohio wrote a letter to then President Nixon who was impressed enough that he invited John to the White House. John is smart, very conservative and will be a great governor of Ohio, unlike the, ahem, governor we currently have.

John Kasich must be doing a lot of things right in his campaign because to liberal/progressive wing of the Democrat Party here in Ohio is going nuts over his candidacy. The thing that bugs them the most is that he is good enough and smart enough to have earned a lot of money.

I think that which bugs them the most is what they most don't understand.