Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Bailout Stinks

I have been east doing work. Was swamped. I listened intently as I drove back and realized the congressional reaction to the 'crisis' was a ploy.

The bailout is a joke. The Republicans are quite simply overwhelmed by the bitchy/witchy media campaign to do something.

The bailout legislation is a reach by liberals to grab more power.

I ask all Republicans to vote against it. Let capitalism be capitalism.

Let all the liberal bailout queens on Wall Street suffer.

Obama is a whore for these losers. Republicans have been the johns that made Obama's pimp rich.

Pelosi Lies, Bi-Partisanship Dies Is Still Dead

via Gateway Pundit

Speaker Pelosi Blasts "Unpatriotic" Republicans For Skipping Meeting... A Meeting Dems Did Not Invite Them To!!

Each day brings another screw up and another lie from Pelosi, Reid, et al.