Friday, April 04, 2008

Boutique Gas In Iraq?

Our Empress, Nana Pelosi, has duly warned General Patraeus "not to put a shine" on the situation in Iraq and all of her children have duly noted that in their little red books. Now though comes the incredibly worrisome news that Iraqis may be paying less for the refined crude their houses are built on top of. The horrors!

Deeper in Nana's threat was this gem of green economic realism:

"The stretch and strain on our military is like never before," said Skelton. "I am terribly worried about this."

Underscoring the Democrats’ economic points, Pelosi asked why the U.S. military in Iraq and Americans back home are paying more for gasoline than the Iraqis are.

“Our troops in Iraq are paying about $3.25 a gallon for gas in Iraq, comparable to what we pay here, while the Iraqis are paying $1.36 a gallon,” Pelosi said. “This is a raw deal for the American taxpayer.”

While this fact is unacceptable there is a solution. Boutique fuels. I say most of Baghdad must have sweet smelling gas fumes that would never think of polluting a single terrorist while areas in which Sadr has his forces the gas fumes must pollute and smell like Sadr's left hand. It's kind of like the difference between Cleveland and Berkeley only smaller.

Other cities in Iraq can summon up their best smarm and demand sweeter fuel in different mixtures that will make their babies stronger (because it is really all about the children unless they become loggers in which case the Hell with them) and saving Mother Earth from capitalist running dog pig Republicans.

You go Nana. You're on this like white on rice.

Republicans Are Racists

This from John Legend, who is a great musician, but also a man who would probably be disgusted by stereotypes, like so many Democrats say themselves. Why do they constantly stereotype people and groups? Whites are racist, but blacks are not capable of being racist. Republicans are all rich except those without money, but they are dupes for the rich. Democrats are not dupes, but thoughtful individuals who just happen to have the same thoughts as their leaders even though some of them have never thought about what they are agreeing about.

John Legend: I think America is ready to elect Barack. It's not insert-any-black-man-here and they would vote for him, but Barack is a unique and special person. And so I don't really like the question of "is America ready for a black president?" because it's more about the specific individual. And the thing is, the people who wouldn't vote for a person because they're black wouldn't vote for a democrat anyway.

This proto-black thinking flies directly in the face of the diversity leftists and blacks tell us they desire. Republicans are not racist, but we are told whitey won't vote black. How long until this is stated in white face while doing a countryclub shuffle to country music?