Saturday, October 27, 2007

Iraqi Generosity The MSM Would Rather Not Report

What goes around - Comes around

Is it no wonder that we feel differently about the people of Iraq, when the
American media only reports sensational news? If it doesn’t bleed or explode,
you just aren’t going to see it on the evening news. I received a press release
from Baghdad today, which I know the mainstream media will not pass on to you
all. Here is an example of Iraqi charity and gratitude which touched my soul.
Imagine how incredibly generous these soldiers are. They have little to support
their own families. It’s not enough that they are fighting daily to bring peace
to their country. They are actually reaching out to help unfortunate

I blame Bush.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It was a long night, Mr. Speaker, when we heard back the reports as the news
reports said that a plane has gone down in Ely, Minnesota, and it was thought to
be containing Paul Wellstone and his partner, Sheila Wellstone, and their
daughter and several other campaigners. We hoped all night that what we thought might have happened didn't happen, but at the end of the evening, we learned that that tragedy, in fact, did occur. Our worst fears were confirmed when we learned that we lost him, but it was a long several hours before we realized
that that tragedy had actually occurred, and we had hoped against hope. I will
never forget that night.
Wellstone's plane went down around 9AM. Though not in Cambodia.

Via Power Line

Break A Law, It Doesn't Matter Anymore

In fact, screw the law. If the government doesn't care why should we?

Who's side is Homeland security on? Not ours. ILLEGAL Aliens are now supposed to get drivers licenses. Not to drive their ass home, but to our jobs, our schools, our hospitals and our services.

Homeland Security strikes deal with New York on driver's licenses

Why have laws at all? Are laws pertaining to taxes, speed limits and drugs now negotiable if a moron like Eliot Spitzer feels the need to feel the pain of law breakers?

How Clintonesque. The devil is no longer in a blue dress the details I guess.

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