Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Same Old Crap: Sherrod Brown & Voinoch Part Of Pork Parade

Between these two porkers they stuffed 155 earmarks in the "Omnibus" budget bill.

Aren't elections great.

There are a ton of Republicans on the list.

The next election will be even greater and will empty the trough and the sty.

Maybe they need to earmark some money for hearing aides. They can't hear. They sure as hell don't need glasses. None of them even read the crap they vote on.


Congress's contempt for voters hits new high

The bill is exactly what the voters rejected on November 2nd. It's 1924 pages and will cost $1.1 trillion. No one has had a chance to read it, but Harry Reid hopes to ram it through in the last hours before Christmas. Does this sound familiar?

Read the whole post. Spot on.
Gathering Storm

For Educators And Their Union 'Christmas Is A Dilemma'

"It's actually called the 'December dilemma' that many, many schools face." So said Superintendent Juli Di Chiro.

School district implements guidelines for holiday decor

Solution? Put all religious symbols on a pine tree. But what will pagans say if it is a cut tree? Should Satan be displayed on a 'Christmas' tree? Will they put a Menorah right next to Crescent of Islam (The faith of Islam has historically had no symbol, and many refuse to accept what is essentially an ancient pagan icon. It is certainly not in uniform use among Muslims.)?

Maybe there will be room for Mary, mother of Jesus. Right next to a quaint Whore of Babylon of course.

I remember when teachers were in a union with parents and children instead of being in unions against children and parents. And America and her traditions.

Al Franken's Parents Should've Punted

Franken two-ups Weiner on Obama punting metaphor

Franken and Weiner? Is this a duo on Saturday morning TV pitching kiddy party food?

Poll Finds Voters Not Impressed With President Hillary Clinton

Poll finds voters not impressed with Republicans' House takeover that hasn't happened yet

Jesus Christ Was A Drunken Socialist Bum

via American Power


This is disgraceful, but what is more disgraceful is the disingenuous author who, with a smile, states she is praising Jesus. Even more disgraceful are the 'educators' that find that "the book's educational merit outweighed its shortcomings." Even when they read the obscenities? So vulgar language, drug use and disguised political propaganda is okay for high school students...

Jesus Was a Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist?

In a passage describing a tent revival meeting she attended, Ehrenreich writes about feeling troubled by its emphasis on Jesus' crucifixion and wishing the preacher would focus more on his teachings of social and economic justice.

"Jesus makes his appearance here only as a corpse; the living man, the wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist, is never once mentioned, nor anything he ever had to say," she wrote.

How far down this slippery slope we have come. It's getting more slippery.

'No Label' Party Will Label 'Haters', Already Has

This is from a story in the Columbus Dispatch in which the reporter goes to great lengths to 'report' on the moderate nature of the new Coffee Party No Labels Party. Yeah, laughable comes to mind, but one has to decide whether its the story, the reporting or the subject.

Moderates gather under No Labels

Prominent politicians taking part in launching No Labels included New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent; Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican; and U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and Evan Bayh of Indiana, both Democrats. The group has raised more than $1 million in an effort to establish chapters in all 435 congressional districts and on college campuses.

If Charlie Crist is a Republican then Madonna really is a virgin. Who could quibble that Michael "Mr Salt of the Earth" Bloomberg and Debbie "Cash for Clunkers" Stabenow are moderate? Poor Evan Bayh, always looking to fit in, but never liberal enough for his liberal friends. 

Yeah, a party that refuses to say who is funding it is moderate. A party that includes disaffected Republican losers is moderate.

Did someone say moderate?

Nah, no one would be that bought dumb.