Friday, September 12, 2008

Is It Bye Bye Biden?

The Obama knows he has screwed the pooch. Big time. He has ivory tower merchant, Axlerod, giving him advice that has him sinking faster than the Titanic, he's making his rookie mistakes with increasing arrogance and then the Obama took advice from 'How to lose a campaign in 30 days' by picking Jabberin' Joe Biden.

Biden living up to his gaffe-prone reputation...

There are rules in the Democrat rule book that directly address when a nominee has to skedaddle and I'm wondering if Biden is getting head bobs from the boys pointing out the various exits.

Enter the heir to the throne and her back room bubba?

The Pain Dealer has more plus some interesting comments. Go read.

PETA Pam Anderson Says Suck It.

Pam Anderson tells Sarah Palin to suck it! I'd tell Pamela Anderson to, well, you know.

Making love in the morning got me through morning sickness. I found I could be happy and throw up at the same time. Pamela Anderson

Don't Call Olbermann & Matthews Bozos

It only insults Bozo.

Democrats/Obama Want Draft For Every Citizen In America

Grandpa and Memaw, sis, junior and mom and dad need to get right with
big government and serve America in a way that America mandates according to Democrats and presidential hopeful Barack H. Obama. People like Chris Dodd, Charley Rangel, Nana Pelosi and Jabberin' Joe Biden will decide what that service will be and may include a U.S. Public Service Academy for training for even more civil servants. Great, we really need the institutionalized production of an army of bureaucratic Uriah Heeps using their paid 'sincerity' as whips of shame right here in America.

It isn’t mere rhetoric to say they would be trained like soldiers. Supporters of the bill have called the proposed academy the “civilian counterpart to the uniformed service academies.” But we should not need a civilian counterpart to the military service academies beyond the police academies that already exist — because the civilian counterpart to the military is just the police officer corps.

Another scary thought is that the belief in mandatory community service for high school students, or mandatory military service as Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has proposed, could combine with this call for a Public Service Academy. In fact, Rangel himself suggested that under his proposal, “Recruits not needed by the military in any given year would be required to perform some national civilian service.” He argued that mandatory service would close the economic gap, in which the poor are forced to serve disproportionately. However, this gap is actually a myth.

The idea that America’s youths should train like soldiers to serve government on the domestic front is contrary to the freedom and independent spirit this country was founded on. Furthermore, such programs are reminiscent of Soviet youth programs and Soviet job programs, and would similarly incorporate propaganda beneficial to the government in power. A free economy founded on small government has no need for such things — and they set a dangerous precedent.

We've seen what the programs of FDR, which even he wanted to be only temporary, and LBJ's Great Society have done to our country creating larger bureaucracies, and segments of society that still feel they have a right to entitlement, aka, 'you owe me and you'll give it to me, or else.'
Countries such as communist China, North Korea and the USSR took their cue from the failed national socialism programs of Germany and Italy to forge the citizenry, especially the youth, into a tool to be used by the national government.
Now they want to try it here in the United States.