Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The EPA Is A Toxic Dump Filled With Hidden Taxes

Bureaucrats are unelected thus have no mandate, but they increasingly more our rulers than Congress. They mandate. They push regulations onto us that we have not asked for nor want. They tax us through every possible method including compliance fees, mandatory rules for business and through fines for everything you can imagine.

Homeowners Now Must Pay EPA's Hidden Tax

Who put these bureaucrats in place? Who gave them the power to bypass the Constitution? If they are there by the grace of elected officials, first, the elected officials should be voted out of office and then the bureaucrats should be replaced by no one.

People talk of cutting government by this percentage or that percentage, which is a good thing, but I say cut the bureaucracy by 25 percent starting in January.

Boehner-Lite And A Day Late

Nancy Pelosi Will Fly Commercial, Too

It's a start. Who knows, she might actually start be a real representative. You know, like what's good for the people and that whole ethics thing.
Nah. She'll find a way around it.

If Government Was In Charge Of Deserts We'd Have A Sand Shortage

Autos, banks, health care, schools, insurance and on and on. Government wants it all. And to think early Americans thought Alexander Hamilton wanted a king.

FCC moves to ensure ‘net neutrality’

Now the government wants to 'regulate' the Internet. There won't be any death panels for porno sites, but they will decide what you can and cannot see. Soon our Internet will be as diverse as the BBC!


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Too funny.


TSA: the model of bureaucratic self-parody

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Her supporters think they are right that we'll regret what we say (and think) the first time a crazy 80 year old Luthern great-grandmother with an explosive knee replacement takes down a plane.

They'd be wrong.

Demos Don't Get Earmarks: It's not The $$, It's The Bribery

Republicans and Democrats that support earmarks keep up the mantra that their accepting bribes is good for their states and eliminating earmarks won't save any money.

It's not the money, it's the process. It's not how money will or will not be saved nor whether it is spent by Congress or whether it empowers the executive branch to spend the money as they want for political purchase.

It is about bribery.

If they still don't get it then they are too stupid to be in Congress. Earmarks are simply a symptom of the larger broken process in which government works and how legislation id passed. Bribery, tit-for-tat, backscratching or reaching across the aisle, whatever you call it, it is an evil that has grown to proportions that match the proportion in which government has grown.

If these bagmen still don't get it then have them study the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback.

Stop the bribery. Stop Earmarks.

World Trade Center-Texas

This is the World Trade Center (of San Antonio).  San Antonio has
some great old building stock all along Broadway. Broadway runs
at a bit of a diagonal to the street grid just like New York's Broadway,
so a lot of the buildings have skewed plans like parallelograms or trapezoids.  
That explains the dramatic foreshortening on this sketch.