Monday, October 11, 2010

VFW-PAC Screwed The Pooch, Veterans And America

UPDATE: Hot Air has an article up discussing the endorsement of Ma'am Boxer by the VFW-PAC. Boxer hates the military and hates soldiers. Worse than hating them she condescends to them which is an attempt way above her intellectual pay grade. If I was a veteran I wouldn't support her for a position as a latrine sampler.
VFW endorses … Senator Ma’am?

I wrote last Friday about the VFW-PAC and their shameless endorsements of anti-American and anti-veteran candidates here in Ohio. Well, they did it all across the country even endorsing liberals over Republican veterans.

VFW-PAC and NRA Endorse Demos Who Oppose Their Membership

It appears they have really raised a lot of rage across the country and they haven't even offered an apology to veterans.

Burn Those VFW Membership Cards: A Moral Outrage

And Jon Lilyea of This Ain't Hell has a great roundup as always.

VFW-PAC, you suck

Black Five has a good post as well.

Burn your VFW cards; Vote Vets runs VFW - PAC????

In an odd way, VFW_PAC may have done something good in that they have not only highlighted how corrupt our political system has become, but also such good groups as America's veteran groups and this corruption has pointed out just how anti-American some of the candidates they have endorsed. Please pass this on to all that you know.

When Will Democrats Campaign On Their "Accomplishments"?

There are examples everywhere of Democrats saying they love Tea Party type things, that Democrats actually lowered taxes and that Republicans are evil in all forms and deeds, but where are the examples of Democrats proudly speaking of their "accomplishments"?

They must have at least a trillion examples. There must be a hundred thousand signs all over the nation's highways pointing us to their prosperity.

We do know that politicians such as Ohio's Governor Ted Strickland want people to believe that John Kasich's success in business is solely responsible for the failure of Strickland's economic policies. It is also a fact that Rep. Zack Space wants voters to know that Ohio St. Sen. Bob Gibb's is totally responsible for all the job losses in Ohio.

What we don't know is what beneficial things have occurred because of their votes for Cap and Trade, Health Care Reform, higher taxes, trillions of dollars of debt and all the other wonderful things they have accomplished.

When will Democrats actually campaign on their accomplishments? Oh, there are always the warm and fuzzy ads that will ramp up right before the election. Everyone has seen them. Maybe this year Democrats will gather their families in front of a bio-fuel fireplace to read the wonders of progressive policy and bask in the warmth of their deeds.

I doubt they'll notice the faces peering in the windows worn with fear, unemployment and ruined futures. And anger.

Zack Space Has Nothing, Zippo, Nada And Zilch To Offer Except Lies

Zack wants a referendum on free trade, despite the fact that it can't constitutionally happen. Zack is putting up doctored vid/aud ads on Gibbs to make Gibbs the bad guy concerning free trade. Fair enough. Everyone understands that lying is part of politics.

What is Zack offering beyond his union paid whiny little baby crap?

Is Zack going to get concessions from the unions? Is Zack going to talk about overpaid, with their already bankrupt benefit and pension packages, union workers? Is Zack going to talk about government costing jobs through stupid and overbearing rules, regulations, laws, fines, fees and taxes on business? Is Zack going to explain his support of Cap and Tax Trade? Is Zack going to explain, face to face, his hiding from his constituents that he obviously is scared to speak with? Is Zack ever going to be a true representative of his constituents?

Probably not.

Zack just wants to get reelected. People don't matter. His "integrity" as a law maker is what is important, at least to him. So, Zack has based his campaign on an unconstitutional idea of referendums when no referendums will ever be held and he hopes, actually thinks, that voters are too stupid to call him out.

Zack has nothing. Losers like Kaptur, Kilroy, Kucinich and Sutton at least have false ideologies to cling to. Zack has zippo. He's a blue puppy Demo.

I bet Zack is hoping all those union dollars will project him into another term. If he loses maybe he can get some invites to dine with union officials in fancy restaurants in DC which will be paid for by companies struggling to stay in business here in Ohio. Well, that is if Zack can get them to leave their marble palaces to limo amongst the common folks. Maybe the union bosses can get one of their secretaries to get reservations at one of their favorite Chinese restaurants.

Zack should order the Sweet and Sour soup. He had a sweet job, but he'll sour after they pat him on the back, light another cigar and tell him to get lost. Free trade is free trade and they will trade his sorry butt in a DC minute. Union is as union does.

Zack has nada. He is a whore like Jerry Brown milquetoast nothing who only wants to be reelected.

Gibbs has actually accomplished something by building, not tearing down, a business. Zack is a lawyer. Though he knows what the back of ambulances look like I doubt Zack could even drive one, let alone build one. With guidance, he might be able to fill one with gas. I hope no one ever shows him where the siren button is. He's irritating enough.

UPDATE: I was reminded that all those jobs fleeing the state were not just because of international trade, but were for the most part a result of Zack's good buddy, Taxin' Ted Strickland. Zack can't truthfully say that Gibbs is responsible for Democrat actions.