Sunday, February 14, 2010

Biden: Way To Go Joe - Belittle Soldier's Sacrifice

Joe Biden must not think through what comes out of his mouth. Obviously. His history proves that. Daily.

Biden says Iraq war wasn't worth `horrible price'

Serving soldiers believe in what they are doing. Joe may not understand that. Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives did so believing they were doing what they were meant to do. Joe doesn't seem to care about that. Joe also has the bedside manner of an oaf as witnessed by the wives, children and family of the dead. Joe is a moron.

Hey Joe, tell your crap to the families of the dead and then tell it to the 50+ million people of Iraq and Afghanistan that their sacrifice wasn't worth it. If you and Obama totally screw the pooch on Iraq and Afghanistan, as most people expect, then the dead, the raped and the subjugated will remember you in their tortured dreams.

Way to go Joe. You moron.