Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Robert Frank - London And Wales

My first introduction to Robert Frank was his The Americans. I still love it for its candid glimpses of America and I am, as well, still impressed by his art of photography. Though I am teaching myself color (non studio), it is black and white photography that whispers particular shots to me.

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

-Robert Frank

Ben James, Wales 1953 © Robert Frank

London 1952-53, Robert Frank

Science And Hope

This is very cool. Disclaimer, I am friends with, sometimes work with and am a huge admirerer of David Welch at Whitecoat Strategies. That said, take a look at this incredible story. It makes me smile.

Israeli Commandos Should Get 1st "Courageous Restraint Medal"

The world's progressives have their panties in a twist over the armed and violent "peace" activists ships being boarded by Israeli commandos as they tried to thwart a blockade of Gaza. There was no need or logic to the "peace" activists starting a military engagement that resulted in death and injury to Israeli soldiers and to the "peace" activists.

Let's just drop the "peace" moniker.

The militants, actually terrorists, planned this attack. They desired death and injury on both sides because news of the attack, especially any images, would incite further anger and violence against Israel. The terrorists are exceeding their own expectations and the world press should stand in shame for abetting terrorists that are little more than animals.

The world press should be probing and asking why there was so little death amongst the terrorists. Israeli commandos are capable of critical offense and defense tactics with brutal results. The terrorists constantly attacking Israel and murdering Israelis has insured that Israeli forces are trained and capable of inflicting maximum damage. That they didn't shows incredible training, thinking and restraint.

As for those that died, why hasn't the press asked who ordered them to die. Those who order such attacks should be found and dealt with. Swiftly and with no mercy.

UPDATE: Webutante has an outstanding post concerning this unprovoked attack. Read and follow the links.