Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Only Nichol's Genes Are Reluctant To Allow That He Might Be With Them

Poor, poor Gene had no such quandary over his decision concerning the crucifix in W&M's chapel though he was reluctant to discuss it. Maybe Gene can reluctantly have "fellatio as art" demonstrations in the chapel, you know reluctantly. Demonstrations of first amendment rights are so hard for educators not to be involved with.

Reluctant Nichol allows sex-workers show at W&M

College of William and Mary President Gene Nichol gave students the go-ahead this morning to hold the controversial Sex Workers' Art Show on campus next month.

In a statement, Nichol said he tried to work with students to hold the event at a venue off the Williamsburg campus.

Students were unable to find an off-campus venue, however, and Nichol said the First Amendment and "defining traditions of openness that sustain universities" required he permit the show be held at the college.

"My views and the views of others in the community about the worth or offensiveness of the program can provide no basis for censoring it," he said.

What right does a community have to judge what is proper in their community? I bet Nichol would censor a discussion of whether community standards are really community standards or an all out assault on the 1st Amendment.

This academic clown should be the current deacon and president of Parsons University, complete with the shark in sun glasses and holding a beer can hanging on the wall behind his Formica desk and glowing statuette of George Washington's father, Plato.

Reluctant? Yeah, enjoy the spinning pasties, Gene. Wouldn't be right to censor those puppies, eh?