Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congress Screw Public And Blames Oil Execs

Let's see. Did the oil companies prevent themselves from drilling on and around the North American continent? When did the oil companies decide to make it unprofitable and impossible to build new refineries? I can't remember when the oil companies created the regulatory nightmare that they work under, but maybe Leahy and Kohl can slip me a note on this. I hope they add a paragraph in their note that explains when the oil companies elected a bunch of pandering liberal numbnuts to Congress so they could have their business regulated and taxed almost out of existence. Maybe include a P.S. on boutique gas mixtures for hypocritical left coast progressives deluding themselves into believing their doing something for Mother Earth.

Congress grill oil execs over perceived injustices to the working class
Political leaders in Washington gave big oil executives an earful Wednesday. Oil industry executives can expect another rough reception when they go before a House panel this morning.
They want to know what's caused the recent spike in oil and gas prices.

"You speak of this current upcycle. What a nice nice term, and I suppose we can tell our constituents when they find they cannot afford to go to work because of the price of gas, 'don't worry, you are in a current upcycle,'" Sen. Patrick Leahy said.

"Your industry has no problem in doubling your profits, tripling your profits. Even when prices at the pump go crazy, you have no problem in keeping up with your increasing profit," Sen. Herb Kohl said. "It doesn't seem fair, guys. It just doesn't seem fair."

No, it doesn't seem fair. Congress hamstrings business in general and the energy industry specifically and places the blame on them while screwing us. I believe that it is tradition, even when crude and oil are involved, that there should be some kissing first. Oh, and a desire to participate.

I'll be waiting by my mailbox for that note Pat and Herb. Might as well, I can't afford to drive anywhere because you people wouldn't know the working class from the politburo nor which one works and which one does not.

UPDATE: This ain't hell has some good stuff on this