Sunday, November 16, 2008

NBC Sports

Right now on NBC sports they have Keith Olbermann, who isn't right in the head, and now Mr. Obnoxiously Ignorant, Bob Costas.

Why does NBC hate their viewers so much?

The Sickness Of Some Should Worry All. Laughing At Murder

“No, it’s cool, my aunt died on the 64th floor, and it was a conspiracy anyway.”

Univ. of Arizona must be proud of students that make light of murder, terrorism and 9/11. This isn't just about two people with no heart, but about a great many that attended this Halloween party and obviously said nothing.

I truly hope that those that hate so much and feel so little, change.

A sickness that belittles our government, our president and, now, the dead with impunity is a sickness that affects us all.

I'm sure there are people that will say lighten up. I say these two disgusting creeps had to show people falling from the tower.

All who participated and saw this and did nothing are sad little people.

Sad little people.