Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Lying Science Has Wrought


A strong operational agreement on climate change? Agreement? What are you agreeing with? That the earth is getting cooler and it is apparent that scientists around the world have been cooking their books? Are you agreeing to a deal that will bankrupt America? Save the trip because your doing fine without their help?

Are you going to agree to agree on an agreement that has no agreement?

Obama says 'step closer' to climate deal
US President Barack Obama said Tuesday the world has moved "one step closer" to a "strong operational agreement" on climate change at next month's Copenhagen summit after his talks with Indian and Chinese leaders.

This is classic. Just one more apology to the entire world that America is an evil place from which no good can come. Thanks, Bam Bam. I thank you, my children thank you and that's it, because my kids won't be able to afford or want to bring children into your world.

Obama Surrenders To The Taliban Their Win Strategy

via Another Black Conservative (go read a good blog)

I know that in the past, when going up against an opponent, I always do two things: let them know I won't involve the power necessary to win and the date at which I will give up and quit. It works every time. They fold their tent and stop fighting. Why should they fight against somebody that won't fight and plans to surrender anyway?

Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan
President Barack Obama met Monday evening with his national security team to finalize a plan to dispatch some 34,000 additional U.S. troops over the next year to what he's called "a war of necessity" in Afghanistan, U.S. officials told McClatchy.

The administration's plan contains "off-ramps," points starting next June at which Obama could decide to continue the flow of troops, halt the deployments and adopt a more limited strategy or "begin looking very quickly at exiting" the country, depending on political and military progress, one defense official said.

So, in this deferential bow to terrorists looking for THE big victory, Obama sends the signal that those Americans who have died freeing Afghanistan and defeating a terror network trying to destroy us all died for nothing. What does Obama care? He's never fought for anything. He feels that mere soldiers are beneath him, thus inconsequential.

To Obama, our soldiers aren't nearly as important as a group of murdering rapists hiding behind a chimera of religion nor are they as important as his ridiculous agenda here in America. Let them and those that will die, die for nothing.

Our soldiers don't bring enough political capital. That they die, their families are destroyed and America is at greater risk means nothing to Obama. They are just political cover for surrender so Obama can get what he wants, what he feels is important,and let those soldiers be damned.

So, what are they dying for? Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, Global Warning crap, Socialized Medicine? I have always believed that we have the best and smartest military in the world so I can only think that our soldiers are thinking that if they can hold on just long enough to get this Chicago rookie loser out of office, then maybe it is worth it. I hope that is what they are thinking.

For our soldiers to look for the missing man to the right or the left and to look at Afghanistan's people that now have real hope in their faces and not want to complete their mission is too terrible to think. The traumatic stress associated with combat is real, but so is the traumatic stress of knowing your commander in chief is inept and is willing to sully one's sacrifice, in fact, it can be more so.

I don't know Obama as a man, but I do know I'd laugh in his face before I'd ever think of following him through the gates of hell. I do know his policies and I wouldn't follow him to free food and booze. As a leader, I do know that Obama would leave me with a hangover, the tab and food poisoning.

Surrender? Why doesn't Obama surrender his office and hand it over to someone who understands America, what we can do and is proud of it.

If he makes Afghanistan our modern day Vietnam he will rue the day he ever got into politics because he will be remembered as a cheap imitation of Nero fiddling as he burns Rome.

Obama, Instead of McChsrystal Light, Why Not McChrystal Heavy?

Hacked Email Graphed As Hockey Stick

Appears the whole "hockey stick" theory of climate change may represent something other than global warming.