Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sherrod Brown Is An Obnoxious And Dirty Politician

With his history Sherrod Brown ought not throw stones. Every day he dirties our airwaves with his anti-Semitic and disingenuous campaign ads. Sherrod didn't save the auto industry, he just put taxpayers billions of dollars in debt. He says that Mandel is a liar for pointing out he didn't pay his taxes on time even though it is a matter of the public record. Brown himself said that he misplaced the tax bill. Twice.

Brown said that Mandel "is lying about his own record. The rating of Ohio's investment fund has NOT improved." Yeah, Brown is the one lying.

Brown lied again stating, "When Josh Mandel claims to have accepted three debates with Sen. Sherrod Brown, he is lying. He has accepted ZERO proposed debates." Yep, he's a liar on this one too.

Brown accused Mandel of opposing federal loans to the auto industry to support his claim that he saved the auto industry. That's a lie as well.

Brown has accused Mandel of "The big lie." The "big lie" was coined by Adolf Hitler. Mandel is Jewish. His grandfather survived the Holocaust.

Brown is a pig and deserves to be thrown out of office. Being an ass is no qualification for office and Brown is an ass each and every day who doesn't represent Ohio well, but embarrasses the state on a daily basis. Besides, with his past he shouldn't be accusing anybody of anything.

James McNeill Whistler