Thursday, July 21, 2011

Billion Here & There Or How To Bankrupt A Capitalist Economy

Yeah, I know, "tax the rich," but there aren't enough rich anymore. So, tax the corporations, but since corporations don't really pay taxes there isn't any money there either. The poor? Well around 50% of the people in this nation no longer pay much in taxes except when corporations get taxed more and then the poor have to pay more in a hidden tax because corporations don't really pay taxes. So what do our geniuses in academia and government do? They buy corporations and point to charts and studies showing just how grand it will all work out!

U.S. loses $1.3 billion in exiting Chrysler

Obama and ilk are doing this on purpose to achieve their end and they don't care how we feel because they have charts and studies that show they must destroy capitalism and America to save America. I wish they'd all just go to hell and leave us alone.

They're either morons or traitors and I believe they are both. Oh, and they're academics which makes a perfect trifecta for failure. Babes at the betting booth and when they fail as predicted then the horse will get shot. At least in their world. I'd turn that around.

December 1941 By Craig Shirley

A friend and a scholar. A book about a day that will live in infamy for more than just the cowardly attack on our forces stationed at Pearl Harbor. Buy it and read how America changed forever. It is fascinating.

Black Genocide