Monday, March 31, 2008

The psychology of voting

via Tony Phyrillas

[He] received an e-mail from a New York University student who is conducting a research study on how people pick a president as part of his work toward a degree in psychology.

Matthew Schottland is conducting a Web survey as part of his study.Schottland assures [him] that the project is not to sell anything, make a profit, or promote any sort of political agenda

You can take the survey at:

Rest In Peace

Sgt. Matthew Maupin

Health Nazis Ally With Communists To Ban Butts

Beijing to ban smoking ahead of Olympics: official media

In addition to cleansing the air China's new anti-flooding program will consist of female children with 2 or more vowels in their first name to use their fingers to plug holes in the country's dikes on alternate days during the rain season. Officials have already announced the complete success of both programs.