Monday, April 23, 2012

Madamned Pelosi Wants You To Earn More So You Will Have To Pay More Taxes

Pelosi, with her wealthy Tuna Magnate husband, is like the typical lottery hopeful when she passes bills and makes plans to spend money she doesn't yet have. Unfortunately, Pelosi is a typical LibProg who doesn't understand the legislation she wants passed, but who cares because stupid people taxpayers will just be forced to pony up more money to pay for really important things. Important things like ObamaCare which will bankrupt the country if left in place or one of her other pink unicorn palace boondoggles.

“I wish they would earn more so they can pay more.”

Don't look for this incredibly stupid statement in the MSM because they have been covering up her unique form of stupidity for years, in fact, ever since she learned corrupt street politics from Mayor daddy back in Baltimore.

Translated into taxpayer speak, she wants you to make more money so she can spend more of your money. If we could read her mind I believe we would be horrified to we find out what is in it. After all, it's only your money. Why should you care?