Thursday, June 21, 2007

Haditha Marines Support Site

Bob of Bob's Blog linked to a post I did on the Haditha Marines and in his comments section listed a very important fact that I did not know. A support site for the wrongly accused Marines which includes a way to help them financially.

Maybe someone will forward this site to Mugger Murtha. I am sure he will want to help all he can.

Typical Ron Paul Supporter

If you don't vote Ron Paul then f**k you. End.

P.S. Don't try to debate me on this. Don't leave comments supporting
someone else. I'll delete them. It's my blog, I'll do what I want. If you
want to support someone else make your own blog.

Randy lists himself as an artist and also as an (insert vulgarities). On the first, I doubt it, but on the others, I'll just have to take his word.

Many of the sites supporting Ron Paul sound just like kOs kiddies, DUers and the Huffington Post. Not a good way to generate support.

The other posts I have done on Paul have generated a lot of hatemail. Geez, don't they have little black helicopters and grassy knolls to chase.

UPDATE: A Ron Paul supporter posted a comment;
You make little childish comments like black helicopters etc etc, and
then wonder why you get hatemail?

If you want to google Paul and grassy knoll, go ahead. I will repeat myself and say that Ron Paul has had some good ideas, but his obsession with conspiracies, among other ideas, render him a political eunuch.

I have been around Ron Paul and he has a sense of humor. Maybe he can rent some to his supporters, but have gold for the rental.

Best Line(s) of the Week

The seething. The whining. The never ending drone
of the perpetually offended Muslim.

They're like liberal weenies on steroids for crying out loud!

Now go read the rest.

Scottish Castle

Castle Leod, Scotland

This is like my house except it's bigger, taller, longer, made of stone, it's older and the yard looks better.

Other than that...