Tuesday, June 05, 2012

An Apparent Rout In Wisconsin

Good Lord, will the union finally admit they have nothing. What losers.

Nada. Zip. Zero.

Let's get to November.

How's that whole poll thing working for you now?


Walker wins. Kleefisch wins.

The sorry ass unions had their ass handed to them. Millions of wasted member money, most of which the members opposed, has been washed down the drain and the union leaders won't miss a $100 lunch.

Union members, you're stupid.

Just how much should we weep?

Not a minute.

Goodbye Obama.

I am laughing my ass off. Big time!! Maybe they will once again bring up their polls and tell us how stupid we are because they know so much. What a joke.

Will the little loser asses start refuting their stupid statements, such as "rednecks lose" and the other idiotic things they said?

Good Lord they are stupid. But who didn't know that...

I am laughing my ass off and I don't need a poll to do so. Unlike others. Fools. Called it.

Wisconsin Took The Lid Off Teacher's Unions

Only 22% of Americans think unions have a positive effect on schools.

The survey's most striking finding comes from its nationally representative sample of teachers. Whereas 58% of teachers took a positive view of unions in 2011, only 43% do in 2012. The number of teachers holding negative views of unions nearly doubled to 32% from 17% last year. Perhaps this helps explain why, according to education journalist and union watchdog Mike Antonucci, top officials of the National Education Association are reporting a decline of 150,000 members over the past two years and project that they will lose 200,000 more members by 2014, as several states have recently passed laws ending the automatic deduction of union dues from teachers' paychecks.

Win, lose or draw Walker has still set a trend.